No Crossover: What Now Allen Iverson?

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No Crossover: What Now Allen Iverson?
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The last four years have been crazy for Allen Iverson.

After a falling out with the Sixers, he was traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2006. He was not very successful there.

Two years later, he was traded to the Detroit Pistons. There, he was a fraction of the beast that won four scoring titles and a MVP.

He later had a stint with the Memphis Grizzlies, which ended in an abrupt retirement.

Iverson came out of retirement to rejoin the Sixers in December 2009. The comeback was seen as "rebirth" for his career. In his first game back, he was introduced to much fanfare.

All the hype died down three months later, when he went on a leave of absence to be with his sick daughter.

Earlier this month, Iverson stated on his Twitter that he wanted to come back next season, and would be willing to help any team that wanted him. He said that his family was "rock solid" and that he owed his fans.

Even though you might not believe that he would be able to accept a backup role, his intentions are pure. AI is hoping that's what will shine through when teams are looking at him. And unlike other players his age, his physical health isn't the main issue.

It's his mentality.

There are not many teams interested in Iverson.

The Sixers might not want him back because of their plethora of guards. The Knicks might offer a veteran's minimum for a backup role. There were rumors that the Miami Heat were interested, but those died after they reached an agreement with Carlos Arroyo.

The major thing hurting Iverson's market status is that in the past, he has struggled playing with other stars. GMs still question if he is a team player or not.

AI's window for winning a championship is very slim. The ideal situation for him is to get signed on a contender. If not, he will have to work even harder to help a weaker team reach its goals.

But what if he doesn't get signed? Is this the end of the road for Allen Iverson?


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