Shaq To Take On Justin Bieber In New Season of 'Shaq Vs.'

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Shaq To Take On Justin Bieber In New Season of 'Shaq Vs.'
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Shaquille O'Neal is about to kick off his newest season of "Shaq Vs.", but this season will be a lot less physical than last year's show.

Last year, stars like Michael Phelps, Oscar De La Hoya, and Albert Pujols were among those that decided to take up Shaq's challenge. 

This was Shaq's way of staying fit last off-season, but it looks like it may have not been 100% effective.  Last season, he sustained an injury that slowed him down in the regular season and into the playoffs. 

This season, looking for different results, he will be taking on Rachel Ray in a cook-off, Penn and Teller in a magic challenge, and now Justin Bieber in a dance-off.

In case you have no idea who Justin Bieber is, he is that teenage boy that has not deepened in voice tone just yet. This one will be interesting, because Shaq can move around pretty quickly and Justin Bieber is only a choreographed dancer. 

Calling Bieber a talented teen is like not calling Kobe Bryant a Hall of Famer.

There have not been any confirmed reports, but rumors are swirling that if the airing of that episode with Bieber and O'Neal catches fire with great ratings and viewers, "Kazaam 2" could soon be in the works.

My prediction is that Shaq will embarrass Justin Bieber on least we are pulling for that. 

Word of advice to Bieber; you are no Aaron Carter. You will not beat Shaq

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