Just Kwame Up : Why Miami Now Needs To Sign Brown More Than Anyone Else

Benny VargasAnalyst IJuly 15, 2010

Barring a miraculous return by 40 year old Alonzo Mourning, the Miami Heat have a glaring hole for a defensive minded center. I know Kwame Brown is widely regarded as one of the worst all time NBA first overall picks. He has been ridiculed for having stone hands and being a virtual bust.

Michael Jordan for all his greatness may never out live the obvious mistake of investing a franchise altering pick on Kwame. Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, Samuel Dalembert, Zach Randolph and Tony Parker are just a few of many first round picks in 2001 who have had much better careers thus far than Kwame.

Still with all things considered, there is no better available center for Miami to sign than Kwame. He would serve as a defensive minded center that can help the Heat handle players such as Kendrick Perkins, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard.

This is not to say Brown is any where near as good as those players but he has the frame capable of at least going up against them. Kwame who is 6'11" 270 would be able to physically match up with the leagues most imposing center Dwight Howard who is 6'11" 265.

The Heat don't need another scorer, they need someone that can get some boards, blocks and use his 6 personal fouls wisely. At only 28 years old Brown is a seasoned veteran player that has been in the league nine years.

Brown has been often criticized for lackadaisical play on the court. But if there is a man and team that can change his ways its Pat Riley and the new Miami Heat.

You might be saying " well didn't the Heat just sign Zydraunas Illgauskas." Yes they did but Kwame would be a perfect compliment to a worn down Big Z who has never been renowned for his defensive prowess.

Face it after two summer league games it is becoming apparent that Dexter Pittman is not NBA ready. It would probably be more beneficial for Dex to spend a year in Europe. By doing so Pittman would go the same route as Udonis Haslem and he would certainly be able to get more playing time over seas.

Also Shaquille O'Neal burned so many bridges on his way out of Miami, that there is no way Riley would allow him to return. Not just did Shaq take parting shots at Riley and the Heat training/medical staff, he also managed to upset Dwyane Wade by constantly referring to him as "wonder boy." Bringing in Shaq could be a great thing or it could serve as a potential danger to the teams locker room chemistry.

Brown doesn't have anywhere near the ego that O'Neal does. Bringing him in wouldn't be as big a gamble as say Shaq.

Kwame would then be able to split time at the position with the Lithuanian veteran and Joel Anthony.

The main reason for Brown to be signed is he could provide the Heat with an athletic big body to handle the middle of the paint. He may very well flourish along side James, Bosh and Wade. In doing so he would revitalize his career and could then seek to command a larger contract come next season when he would still be only 29. In that regard it definitely wouldn't hurt him to play with a Miami team that figures to be showcased prominently all year on national television.

The best part of all this is that Kwame would come in with no expectations or burdens. He would merely be seen as a role player on a roster filled with proven super stars. Who knows he might surprise a few people and take his game to another level.