LeBron, Wade, Bosh: Miami Heat's Trio Destined for NBA History?

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2010

Love it, hate it, try to forget about the fact that it ever happened, stop watching the NBA all together, or just accept it.

LeBron James, the most hyped sports athlete EVER has left the Cleveland Cavaliers, the place where it all began.

Attempt to let it soak in for a minute, and allow it to wrap around your head.

Most likely, this epic move of all moves won't truly settle in until the three take court for the first time in October.

But before we get into that, can you blame LeBron for making his decision?

A player that gave the city of his origin everything for the last seven years, has instantly turned into a menace, a villain, a human being that will forever (at least from the looks of it) be despised by Clevelanders.

One decision has turned a relationship that seemed so strong into a psychotic break-up. Dan Gilbert was the unfortunate girlfriend who got broken up with over national television in front of nearly 10 million viewers.

Did James deserve the intense hatred and criticism that Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert gave him?

Moving along.

LeBron, Wade, and Bosh are arguably the most powerful trio in the history of the NBA.

Looking six years into the future, will the newly assembled trio be considered the "greatest" trio ever?

Can the three manage to place their egos aside, form an unimaginable bond of chemistry, and ultimately win when it matters the most?

If I could answer that question at this very minute, I surely would...but I can't.

During the next six years, these three superstars will get the very rare opportunity to break records that some thought could not be broken before.

While winning 72+ games seems nearly impossible, it may not be with these three studs. 

By the start of the 2010-11 season, once Pat Riley and the Miami Heat formulate their roster, it will become increasingly obvious whether or not this team will have an actual shot at the legendary Chicago Bulls 95'-96' season record (placing injuries aside).

Having said that, do the Miami Heat have a historic edge to not only win more than 72 games in a season, but win four championships in a row for the first time since the 60s?

You decide.

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