NBA Free Agency: Andre Iguodala Headed To Chicago Bulls?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 9, 2010

Now that Free Agency is decided with James going to the Miami Heat, destroying any chance of being considered in the likes of Jordan, Bryant and Wade, Bulls brass can't become idle.

I still think there's legitimate opportunities out there to improve this squad drastically. Question is will Reinsdorf do a full pivot and wave the white flag before any expensive possibilities are explored?

Hoping he won't, as Boozer wholeheartedly thinks Reinsdorf is committed to winning, Bulls should invest in a player that will challenge Miami's Wade.

We saw Cleveland go out this past year and get Jamison to cloak Rashard Lewis, as well as Shaquille O'Neal for Dwight Howard, but neither administered playoffs wins as we saw Boston deflect any chance of Cavs experimenting their off-season moves on Magic.

Yeah, we all slept on Boston. It makes me laugh now that I think about it.

But since we can't judge from that spectrum, we can take into account that Cleveland acquisitions were spot-on during the regular season. They manage to win-out against Magic when Jamison and O'Neal were healthy. So for all that it's worth, the approach has pedigree to it.

In the Bulls case, if they manage to pull off a trade for Andre Iguodala, who can orchestrate the offense as proof by his assists, Bulls then have an explosive 1-4 set that will be impossible to penetrate.

Iguodala doesn't get much pub, but his game is appreciated. He's always in the head in blocks, steals, and scoring among Shooting Guards and Small Forwards.

And I understand the annual risk of investing 12-to-15 in increasing salary given his limited shooting range -- though he's capable -- but you still have to explore what it takes in landing him.

Sixers management is inquisitive currently about shedding salary at this juncture, and Bulls offer some attractive assets in that regard -- ala trade exception/picks.

*Oh, almost forgot, Bulls are about to embark on paying Noah and Rose with Deng and Boozer on the books. This will really throw salt on the wound when referring to whether they're all in or not. Because lets face it, teams need to start building in desire of trouncing the Heat. This is where I expect Gar Forman and John Paxson to go out and try to acquire that one more "ugf" piece. I think Iguodala, Granger, Anthony and Mayo are acquirable players that can help counter Miami's adrenalin.