NBA Free Agent Rumors: Shaquille O'Neal To Join South Beach Superteam?

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NBA Free Agent Rumors: Shaquille O'Neal To Join South Beach Superteam?
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Let me preface this entire article with one thing. I almost never believe in rumors. However, this is something I heard from a good friend who lives in Miami that I trust, and who has some sources, that I will only say, aren’t always full of bull.

Here’s what he’s telling me.

First, that my dream of a “South Beach Superteam” isn’t just a lock to happen, but that there are already three players who’ve committed to play for the league minimum along with the troika if it’s formed.

The first player has already been discussed in numerous Bleacher Report articles, as well as in the mainstream media; namely Ray Allen (this has subsequently been proven wrong since Allen decided to resign with the Celtics).

Now, I was intrigued with what he’d said when he mentioned Ray Allen, but such talk hadn’t surprised me, since I’d heard it before.

What he told me next floored me. He says his sources say the other two players are teammates of LeBron James from this past year with the Cavs, and one of them was a huge part of the Heat’s 2006 Championship.

That’s right, people. He says Shaquille O’Neal will be returning to Miami to man the middle for the Miami Heat in order to get another ring or two before his days are done. And the other player he and LeBron are dragging along with them? None other than Sebastian Telfair (this part of the rumor has also proven to be incorrect, however my source still maintains the meat of the rumor, that Shaq is headed to the Heat this coming week, is absolutely true).

So, while you can take all this with a grain of salt, for even I have a hard time swallowing it, you heard it from me first. There’s a chance Pat Riley and the Miami Heat not only are going to form a South Beach Superteam, they’re going to bring back Shaq Diesel.

Subsequent events and sourced rumors have us likely signing Mike Miller and bringing back Udonis Haslem, along with adding certain veterans such as Jason Williams, Tracy McGrady, Quentin Richardson, and Juwan Howard for the vet minimum.

If it does go down, can you just imagine the lineup we may have?

PG – Mario Chalmers, Jason Williams, Carlos Arroyo

SG – Dwyane Wade, Mike Miller, Tracy McGrady

SF – LeBron James, Quentin Richardson, Da' Sean Butler

PF – Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard

CT – Shaquille O’Neal, Joel Anthony, Dexter Pittman


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