2010 NBA Free Agency: Can Byron Scott Keep LeBron In Cleveland and Land CP3?

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2010

With the recent reports, stating that ex-New Orleans Hornets head coach, Byron Scott, will take over the Cavaliers vacant head coaching job. It only starts to turn heads in the already heated discussion on where The King will land come tomorrow. 

Byron Scott is the key for LeBron staying in Cleveland for many reasons because he did indeed coach Chris Paul over at New Orleans. And with reports saying that any team who was able to obtain Chris Paul, would have the upper hand in getting LeBron as well. So why not bring in Chris Paul`s old coach, who he loved, to coach the Cavaliers, and lure Chris Paul to Cleveland, and then guaranteed minutes after this occurs, LeBron will re-sign with the Cavaliers.

With Byron Scott coming in as the new head coach, he will bring in the legendary triangle offence, that Phil Jackson implemented in Chicago and carried over to the Lakers. The Bulls had Jordan-Pippen-Rodman, while the Lakers had Kobe-Shaq-Horry. So what better threesome can you have running the triangle offense, then the tandom of LeBron-Chis Paul-Antawn Jamison?

What Need`s To Happen?

Well in order for this to happen the Cavaliers would need to swing a major deal, giving up stars, young talent, salary dump-offs, and future draft picks. 

So a trade that is possible and might be attractable to both teams is the following deal. The Hornets send, Chris Paul, the remaining two years of the over paid James Posey. The Cavaliers would send, Mo Williams, J.J. Hickson, and expiring contracts of Sebastian Telfair, Anthony Parker, and Jamario Moon, as well as a future first round pick. The pick will mean nothing to the Cavaliers, because if they win the league they will have the No. 30 pick anyways.

Case For The Hornets

If, and if this trade was to go down, it would be the end of the Chris Paul era, and the start of re-building era for the Hornets, and new management. So with CP3 out of here, it leaves the up and coming stud, Darren Collison to shine as the main point guard next year. Bringing over Williams, brings you a scoring a veteran point guard who can still play, was an All-Star in 2009. Hickson, is a brute of a player, and will add much needed front court presence to the Hornets. As for all the expiring contracts, they will give you some good minutes for the year to come and then about $9-12 million will be off the books come next summer.

Case For The Cavaliers

The Cavaliers, would get the player that could put them over the top. By adding Chris Paul, you put an perennial point guard beside one of the best players in the game today. Chris Paul paired with LeBron James, could be the best one-two punch in the NBA come next year. Adding a young, but already proven veteran point guard, who will find the open man no matter what, and in this case, will be LeBron most of the time at the end of Paul`s flashy passes. Having Paul alongside LeBron, will relieve stress off of him, and not force him to play the point during most of games, because their guards now can not handle the pressure or get the job done. As well, having Chris Paul on the floor, LeBron will not need to do as much creating for himself as he usual does, because my man Chris Paul will find you!

Potential Line

PG: Chris Paul

SG: Daniel `Boobie` Gibson (Delonte West)

SF: LeBron James (Danny Green)

PF: Antawn Jamsion (Leon Powe)

C: Anderson Varajeo 

The team will still have some hole, but depending on what they do with Big Z, or adding a good center like, Tyson Chandler, Brendan Haywood, or even Brad Miller, could make this the best starting line-up in the league, far none.