Here We Go: NBA Finals Game Seven Lakers vs. Celtics Live Blog

Sam BlumCorrespondent IJune 18, 2010


8:53: P.M. PST: Vujacic (from Slovenia) makes both. But no matter what, if the Celtics hit two consecutive three's, and even if the Lakers make free throw's, the game will be tied. 

8:51: P.M. PST: Vujacic at the line with 11.7 seconds to go. He makes both. 

8:49: RONDO HITS A THREE OFF OF A MISS! 13 seconds to go. Lakers ball after an out of bounds call. 81-79, WOW!

8:48: P.M. PST: Kobe hits two free throws. The reason for a Celtics loss would be due to the Celtics losing, not the Lakers winning. 

8:45: P.M. PST: Artest answers then so does Allen! Oh MY GOD. Bryant to the line for two off the failure to rebound the ball for the Celtics. Wallace gone. 

8:44: P.M. PST: Replay's showed that Gasol's shot was a travel. WALLACE HITS A THREE. IT IS A THREE POINT GAME!

8:42: P.M. PST: This is an epic collapse for a veteran team in game seven of the NBA Finals. Lakers up six with 1:30 to go.

8:40 P.M PST: Celtics ball down four, but they turn it over! 1:46 to go. You have to believe that the refs need to start calling more fouls on the Lakers. 

8:38: P.M. PST: This is a pathetic offensive and defensive effort from the Celtics here in the fourth. Gasol goes 1-2, six point game. Foul on Artest, Pierce to the line trying to cut the lead to four. Just over two minutes to go. 

8:37: P.M. PST: Garnett gets two, but then picks up his fifth foul as Gasol will go to the line. 

8:36 P.M. PST: Kobe makes 1-2. 71-66, 3:20 to go. 

8:35 P.M PST: Celtics make it a four point game, but Kobe is going to the line for two. 

8:34 P.M. PST: Ray Allen misses a layup. Celtics don't look like they want it. 

8:31 P.M. PST: Celtics missing all the shots. Lakers have all the momentum. Gasol to the line for two. 

8:28 P.M. PST: Bryant hits a two. (I don't like to bring out my fan hood, but I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant in case you couldn't tell). Timeout. 

8:27 P.M. PST: Bryant makes both. 5:56 left.

8:23 P.M. PST: Derek Fisher TIES THE GAME WITH A THREE!!!!! Loose ball foul against the Celtics. Bryant will shoot two. TIMEOUT! 

8:22 P.M. PST: Allen goes back to the line for two and makes them both. 6:29 to go. 

8:21 P.M. PST: Pau Gasol goes to the line. He misses the first and misses the second, and the Celtics still lead by one. 

8:19 P.M. PST: Ray Allen will shoot two. He misses his first of the finals and goes 1-2. 7:13 to go.  

8:18 P.M. PST: Three point play = Tie game. (Artest to credit). 

8:16 P.M. PST: Bryant cuts it to one, but Allen responds with a two. Eight minutes to go. Nate Robinson in the game.  

8:13 P.M. PST: Love Doc Rivers, but his timeouts are usually inspirational speeches rather than basketball talk. Bryant will get three free throws, pending confirmation. 

8:10: P.M. PST: Los Angeles cannot get over the hump. They had it down to two with just over nine minutes to go, but Garnett gets the two, to make it a four point game. 59-55 with exactly nine minutes to go.  

8:09: P.M. PST: Kobe turns it over then picks up his third foul. He is 5-21 from the field, and has missed a lot of free throws. BAD NIGHT for Kobe. 

8:07: P.M. PST: I think that this game should have started at 8 p.m. To have game seven go until almost midnight on a weeknight. This isn't the NFL. Not everyone is watching. 

8:06: P.M. PST: Davis gets his third foul for Boston. 

8:05 P.M. PST: Pau Gasol hits a shot + the foul!!!! He misses the free throw. This could cost them in a close game, all these missed free throws. 

8:00 P.M. PST: Celtics end quarter badly, 24 second violation. Then they get the ball back with 1.2 on the clock. However, it is to no avail as Rondo's heave is off. 57-53 going into the final quarter of this NBA season. Well, could it get any better? 

7:58 P.M. PST: Derek Fisher will come back in. Odom hits a shot to make it four, then get the ball back with about half a minute to go. 

7:56 P.M PST: Well with less than two minutes to go in the quarter, we find ourselves in the same spot. The Celtics up six, and the Lakers trying to get some momentum. 

7:55: P.M. PST: Gasol knocks them both down. Derek Fisher has been taken to the locker room though.  

7:54: P.M. PST: It seems that fouls will be the thing to cause a momentum change in a game like this, where offense is just so bad. Gasol at the line, trying to cut the lead to five. 

7:52: P.M. PST: Bryant is having a terrible game. 4-19 from the field. Odom picks him up and cuts the lead to seven. 

7:51: P.M. PST: With less than five minutes to go, we have a close game, 51-45. That is until Pierce hits a three! 

7:47: P.M. PST: Celtics timeout as Lakers cut lead to six!

7:46: P.M. PST: Staples Center getting pumped up as Lakers cut it to eight. Back to 10 though as Celtics capitalize. The trade continues though as the Lakers score again. Whewww. 

7:44: P.M. PST: Paul Pierce may have hurt himself. He is been looked at by the trainer. 

7:42 P.M. PST: Bryant goes 1-2 again. Down 12. 

7:39 P.M. PST: Offensive foul on Artest (2nd foul) just an example of how everything is going the Celtics way to start the third. 8:45 to go in the third, up 11. 

7:38 P.M. PST: 47-36. Things could get ugly, and quick. 

7:36 P.M. PST: I was wondering why the Red Sox game was starting at 6:10 p.m. tonight. I think now it just hit me. Speaking of which. The Celtics will be playing the LA Dodgers tomorrow. And not only that, Manny will be back home. 

7:34 P.M. PST: Now Garnett will have the "And-1"! 45-36. Equals the largest lead of the night. 

7:32 P.M. PST: Garnett just hit a crazy shot while he was being fouled, but it will not count. 42-36 with 11 to go in the quarter. 

7:30 P.M. PST: Hey everyone! We are just about to get underway here. Pierce leads the Celtics with 11, Artest has 12 for the Lakers. Lakers offense has been terrible, and so too is the case with Kobe Bryant eight points.

7:10 P.M. PST: Bad pass from Big Baby is not that costly as Lakers miss final three. 40-34 at halftime. The blog will resume five minutes prior to the start of the second half. 

7:08 P.M. PST Brian Scalabrine is in the game. Yes! He was just brought onto the roster after Perkins went out. Celtics hit two free throws. 

7:06 P.M. PST: Foul on the Celtics, Lakers have already the lead to five. Lakers could go into halftime with momentum. This last minute is crucial. Four point game. Bryant goes 1-2 at the line. 

7:04 P.M. PST: Pierce three gives the Celtics a seven point lead with a 1:22 to go. A fight ensues with Artest (of course) and Pierce. Refs collaberate and will go to the screen to review the play. Double Tech is given. Another tech = ejection.

7:03 P.M. PST: 33-31 with just over two minutes to go in the half. It has been close thus far. Wallace hits a bank two to give the Celtics a four point lead. 

6:59 P.M. PST: The Lakers are in the penalty off of another foul on Derek Fisher, his second. Timeout. 

6:58 P.M. PST: Ray Allen 21-21 from the line this series. Celtics lead by two. 

6:56 P.M. PST: Ron Artest hits a game tying three. 3:40 to go in the half. 29-29. 

6:54 P.M. PST: Garnett picks up his third foul. Now a lot of their big player dominance is missing. Bryant goes 1-2 again. He is 2-10 from the field. 

6:52 P.M. PST: So many other NBA stories like Lebron and the Draft are put on hold tonight. Celtics take the lead with 5:29 to go in the half. 

6:51 P.M. PST: No player has more than six points for either team. 

6:49 P.M. PST: Jordan Farmar picks up his second foul. Score tied at 25, timeout. 

6:48 P.M. PST: Celtics tie it up 6:48 into the quarter. Ray Allen continues to miss. Score tied halfway through the quarter. 

6:46 P.M. PST: "Jack" helps Garnett up after he fell down on the famous Laker fan. Touching moment. Artest gives the Lakers the lead on the putback. Staples Center going nuts!

6:45 P.M PST: Lakers have tied it up at 23. 9-0 run, and the Celtics have not scored in the first four minutes of the quarter. Lakers get it back off the turnover. 

6:43 P.M. PST: You have to believe that if Kobe is a non-factor, than the Celtics will be able to win this game. 

6:39 P.M. PST: Lakers just 2-6 from the line. 23-19 with 10 minutes to go in the second. Good momentum for LA to start the quarter. They are crashing the boards well. 

6:37 P.M. PST: The team that has lead after the first quarter has won all six games. Kobe gets two to lead of the second quarter. Then the Lakers get the ball back. Odom is fouled. 11:12 left to go in the second. 23-16, Boston. 

6:34 P.M. PST: 23-14 after one. 

6:32 P.M. PST: Insane loose ball leads to a missed three at the buzzer from Ray Allen. What stories are still yet to be written? What does the final three quarters hold?

6:31 P.M. PST: The Big Baby hits two free throws. 

6:30 P.M. PST: Celtics defense has been lights out 14 points for LA in the first 11 minutes. 

6:29 P.M. PST: Celtics storming out of the timeout, 21-14. Question, will the Celtics have the depth to get a championship after this year with their aging stars? 

6:28 P.M. PST: Pau picks up his second foul on the offensive end. Pierce gets two 19-14. Kobe misses another. 

6:26 P.M. PST: Kobe hits 1-2. 

6:24 P.M. PST: Kobe to the line looking for his fourth point when the timeout comes back. 

6:22 P.M. PST: Alley-Oop, Rondo to Garnett! 15-13. The Big Baby gets two to make it 17-13.

6:21 P.M. PST: Lakers retake the lead on Fisher jumper. But Ray Allen answers with a three. 13-11 with 4:20 to go. 

6:19 P.M. PST: Rondo misses layup. Tough defense from both teams to start. 10-9 with 5:10 to go. Also note, 0 points for Kobe. 

6:15 P.M. PST: Timeout off a jump ball, 10-9. TIMEOUT.

6:14 P.M. PST: Bryant takes a stupid shot. Celtics look much more ready than Tuesday. Gasol picks up two, followed by a Garnett airball. Fans/Staples Center Organ player are poking some fun.  

6:13 P.M. PST: 10-7, 7 minutes to go here in the first. 

6:13 P.M. PST: Kobe has been a non-factor scoring wise early. 8-7 Boston off a Rondo put back. 

6:11 P.M. PST: Gasol misses two, then Garnett picks up two off a rebound. Bynum answers. 7-6 Lakers 8:40 to go. 

6:10 P.M. PST: Rasheed gets two more. Gasol will now go to the line following Wallace's shot. Lakers bench is pumped with every play. 

6:09 P.M. PST: Rasheed Waace puts one in. Gasol answers with two of his own. 9:52 left in the first 5-2. 

6:08 P.M. PST: Derek Fisher hits the three off a rebound. His first three of the finals. That is followed by a foul on Pau Gasol. 

6:08 P.M. PST: Good defense from both teams to start, no score. 

6:07 P.M. PST: The game is underway. 

6:03 P.M. PST: Commercial from BP (eesh). 

6:00 P.M. PST: Tonight all the speculation ends. There being a game seven really just gives analysts a chance to keep analyzing. Now, you can throw it all away, because it's GAME TIME!

5:58: Starting Lineups: Celtics: Rasheed Wallace, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce Lakers: (after their on-screen little presentation) Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, and as if it was necessary, Kobe Bryant.  

5:53: Tip off is just a couple minutes away. Getting very excited. This is the equivalent to the NFL's superbowl or any other winner take all situation for that matter. Please leave all question's and comments, make this more interactive!

5:50: Just a couple of notes. Celtics big guy Kendrick Perkins will not be playing tonight after injuring himself during game six. The Celtics collapsed after he exited. Big Baby will need to put on a grown up performance should the Celtics have a chance. 

5:45: Well it's nearly time. Game Seven of the NBA Finals. No more basketball after this. Winner take all time in Los Angeles. 


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