NBA Draft 2010 Mock Picks 16 To 30

Sam Raphael Chadwick@Chadwick9Contributor IJune 17, 2010

The 2010 NBA Mock Draft picks 1 - 15 can be found over at as well as at so feel free to give that a read.. now for picks 16 - 30 in this years up and coming NBA Draft.
16. Minnesota - James Anderson (6’6’’, SG, Oklahoma State, Jr.) Minnesota again, look for them to trade some picks away but if not James Anderson is a solid 2 guard. They don’t need bigs or point guards, they took a small forward with their first pick so a shooting guard seems fine here.

17. Chicago - Paul George (6'8'', SF, Fresno State, Sophomore.) Chicago has hosted some workouts and Paul George seems to be their favourite player so far, if he is gone or if Henry is available I suggest they pick him up otherwise James Anderson may go here as the next best shooting guard.

18. Miami - Luke Babbitt (6'8'', SF, Nevada, Soph.) Miami could be the final destination and a championship contender for the next decade if D-Wade can convince both Bosh and Johnson to come to town, plus Beasley have have two solid Shooting Guards, one of which will play Small Forward, and a centre/power Forward in Bosh. Add all this to the continued development of Beasley and all is looking up for a Heat Dynasty, Babbitt will be a solid back up small forward to JJ (if he plays SF).

19. Boston - Damion James (6'7'', SF, Texas, Sr.) A solid, experienced small forward who is a lot like Paul Pierce, Boston would happily pick him up here if he is available. If not I suggest either Jordan Crawford who has great range and would learn from Ray Allen, plus he dunked on Lebron so the fans will love him or Sherron Collins who will be a great back up to Rajon Rondo much in the mold of Ty Lawson as a back up the Chauncey Billups.

20. San Antonio - Avery Bradley (6'2'', SG, Texas, Fresh.) San Antonio are solid, they have bigs developing here like Blair and they have bigs developing in Europe like Tiago Splitter, therefore they take a guard and Bradley is probably the best available.

21. Oklahoma City - Daniel Orton (6'10'', PF, Kentucky, Fresh.) I am 100% sure Oklahoma will pick him up if he is available, he is an Oklahoma boy, he didn’t have great college numbers but he could fit in well in the city.

22. Portland - Solomon Alabi (7’1’’, C, Florida State, Soph.) Alabi is a solid big man who can rebound, defend and score, Portland were weak upfront after all the injuries they suffered this season so they may pick up another big man in case the injury-woe’s continue if not they may take a point guard such as Sherron Collins who is a great leader with speed and skill.

23. Minnesota – Devin Ebanks (6’8’’, SF, West Virginia, Soph.) They need a solid back-up at small forward and Ebanks is the best available they are solid at other positions such as pg,sg,pf and c so small forward no matter who is the best option.

24. Atlanta – Jordan Crawford (6'4'', SG, Xavier, Soph.)They could do with a shooting guard in case Joe Johnson leaves and they are solid at almost every other position. If not they could grab a back-up big such as Gani Lawal or Jarvis Vernado.

25. Memphis – Lance Stephenson (6'5'', SG, Cincinnati, Fresh.) Lance Stephenson may be the next O.J.Mayo so having him and the real O.J will help him learn and maybe control his attitude, I think Memphis may trade some picks away but if not they select the best available here.

26. Oklahoma City - Gordon Hayward (6'9'', SF, Butler, Soph.) Gordon Hayward is a solid player, Oklahoma is a solid team just need some depth behind Durant, Hayward will provide this depth.

27. New Jersey - Terrico White (6'5'', SG, Ole Miss, Soph.) New Jersey are still building they rookies for last year got better as the season went on and they still have Devin Harris and Courtney Lee, Terrico White can come off the bench and contribute as a pack-up for either Harris or Lee.

28. Memphis - Gani Lawal (6‘9‘’, PF, Georgia Tech, Jr.) Memphis adopt the best player strategy, Lawal is a beast of a 6'9" power forward who will learn from Zack Randolph and Marc Gasol. Were still unsure about Hasheem Thabeet which is why they don't take a Centre.

29. Orlando - Quincy Pondexter (6'7'', SF, Washington, Sr.) Pondexter can shoot, defend, slash and generally create havoc for opposing defences, guard wise the Magic just do not match up to other teams Pondexter can either play shooting guard or small forward therefore making him the perfect fit for the Magic.

30. Washington – Nemanja Bjelica (6'10'', SF, Serbia.) Bjelica is a great 6'10" small forward, shooting guard, point guard and can even play power forward if needed, Memphis need a player that is this versatile. If not they may take Terrico White here and Bjelica with their next pick.

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