NBA Draft 2010 Mock Picks 1 To 15

Sam Raphael ChadwickContributor IJune 14, 2010

1. Washington - John Wall (6'4'', PG, Kentucky, Freshman.) As I said in the mock this is the easiest pick of the year, even the Wizards cant mess this up, after such a terrible season in Washington D.C it’s nice to see something good happen, Hopefully John Wall can have the same impact that Derrick Rose had to the Chicago Bulls, they still need a few building blocks but winning the draft will increase their chances of a star free agent.

2. Philadelphia - Evan Turner (6'6'', SG, Ohio State, Junior.) This team was supposed to pick 6th so 2nd really is a big jump for them and its much needed in philly, they have a good point guard in Lou Williams and back up in Jrue Holiday but at shooting guard they have to choose between Allen Iverson (who probably won’t play) or Jodie Meeks, Evan Turner is an improvement over both of these players and can play point if needed. Look for Philly to get back to the running and gunning ways I mentioned in the mock.

3. New Jersey - Derrick Favors (6'9'', PF, Georgia Tech, Freshman.) New Jersey have some bigs, Yi and Lopez mainly, however they didn’t expect the 3rd pick so they may as well just add to the frontcourt they have by adding the best player available right now plus at the Combine he benched more than Dwight Howard and had a higher vertical. The top 3 is set I don’t see anyone coming up into the top 3 except Johnson who may be taken as a more suitable choise for the Nyets.

4. Minnesota - Wesley Johnson (6'7'', SF, Syracuse, Junior.) Minnesota have so many picks its crazy, this is pick 1 of the T-wolves 5 picks, they wont pick a Point Guard obviously and they have enough bigs with AL Jefferson and Kev-Love so a small forward with Wesley Johnsons length and ability the Wolves will more than happily pick him up.

5. Sacramento - DeMarcus Cousins (6’10’’, PF, Kentucky, Freshman.) Like I said last time Sacramento doesn’t need another Power Forward/Centre however he is the best available and can always be used to draft bait, his stock has fallen a bit but there are no point guards good enough which would allow Tyreke Evans to play shooting guard. So they could pick a shooting guard and allow Tyreke to continue playing point by selecting Xavier Henry.

6. Golden State - Greg Monroe (6'10'', PF, Georgetown, Sophomore.) From here it pretty much stays the same, I kind of want Monroe in Milwaukee and if he drops that low he would be a great pick up for them, I feel him and Jennings would be one of the best duos in the league. However Golden State love running, big men especially those who can shoot, score, defend and rebound Monroe ticks all those box’s and more.

7. Detroit - Patrick Patterson (6‘8“, PF, Kentucky, Jr.) Patrick Patterson is easily the best fit for the Pistons, they like long wing-spans, they like tenacity, they like hustle. Patrick can get the Pistons back to the Bad-Boys era.

8. LA Clippers - Al-Farouq Aminu (6’9’’, SF, Wake Forest, Sophomore.) The Clippers are solid, a healthy Blake Griffen, Chris Kamens emergence as an All-Star, Eric Gordons continued improvement. Aminu is a 6’9” Small Forward, he adds height at his positions capable of defending the Lebron’s of the league as well as athleticism, rebounding and scoring.

9. Utah - Cole Aldrich (6'11'', C, Kansas, Junior.) Aldrich is a good pick here especially if Boozer decides that he has had too much of the Jazz. Probably the most polished of all centres in the draft and one who will work well under Sloan. If they feel he is not the right fit they could pick up Motiejunas as he is another great Centre.

10. Indiana - Ed Davis (6'9'', PF, North Carolina, Soph.) His injury may be a concern so they may not pick him up but he is a long armed athletic player who can defiantly play alongside Granger. If they decide to take someone else because of the injury I suggest Ekpe Udoh as he too is a long, athletic player who plays great interior defence due to his shot blocking ability.

11. New Orleans - Hassan Whiteside (7'0'', C, Marshall, Fresh.) Motiejunas is off the board, staying in Europe another season, this will disappoint New Orleans but imagine Hassan getting the lob’s from Chris Paul like he used to do to Chandler, if not they may just re-sign Chandler…..Just Kidding.

12. Memphis - Eric Bledsoe (6'1'', PG, Kentucky, Freshman.) Apparently he is the second best PG in this draft based on that I say they should take him as Conley either needs to be replaced or needs a better back-up recently he has dropped a bit and I feel that the best option is Sherron Collins, most people have him going in the 2nd round but I feel he could play much the same as Ty Lawson a great leader with speed and skill.
13. Toronto - Ekpe Udoh (6'10'', PF, Baylor, Jr.) Ekpe Udoh is athletic, he is big, not Chris Bosh big, but still 6’10” he plays defence, he blocks shots, he can dunk, he can score. Toronto may be rebuilding, Udoh is building block.
14. Houston - Larry Sanders (6’10’’, PF, VCU, Jr.) Houston would have been a great fit for Udoh unfortunately they just missed him (see above) Sanders is another 6’ 10” athletic kid who can hustle and play Power Forward for the Rockets.

15. Milwaukee - Xavier Henry (6’6’’, SG, Kansas, Freshman.) Keep in mind that Slamons may leave at the end of the season and test the free-agency waters, Xavier Henry would be a great replacement, I want him to play for the Bulls but I don’t think its gunna happen. Him and Jennings will make a great 1-2 punch.
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