2010 NBA Draft Preview: John Wall

Del ChocContributor IIJune 16, 2010

John Wall
195 lbs
19 years old

Dubbed as the Magic Johnson of the iPod generation, John Wall is an eye-popping point guard because of his length and quickness. Point guards that are this 'proto' just don't walk through the YMCA often. I know most basketball junkies go straight to the reference of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. He's like a mix of those two superstars.

I was in denial at first, but after focusing on him and seeing the current point guards in the league, I understand.

Pick a berry out the tree for a moment and focus on his defense. Lets say Tony Parker is elite at one thing, speed. Agree? Now you have a 6'4" guard that can contact the rim quicker than Derrick Rose from the perspective of defensive sets. Now, play a film in your head of Wall's muscle memory cutting off Tony Parker every time he attempts to bypass. If it works, lets just say Parker's 'workin' just to get by. It ain't 'happenin.' Flat-out.

Wall is quicker than those you would expect to have that advantage. Yet he's too slippery for bigger guards to contain. He's a master at improvising on both ends. That block LeBron James made popular, well, Wall added that to his skill set.

His favorite move is the half crossover, which he performs 80% of the time in open court. He uses the wrap around to stall the defender once he feels comfortable enough to lay it in.

On the downside, his long arms disable the possibility of a legit release to his jumper. Its slow. It looks very inconvenient. Not attractive at all. Despite that, it'll be exciting enough for whichever franchise lands Wall.

He's probably the most clutch player to come out of college since Dwyane Wade. That's stating a lot for a likely overall pick that wasn't calculated a few years back in Raleigh, NC. Now, he's as ready as can be.

Projection: No. 1

PG: Wall
SG: Shooter
SF: Shooter
PF: Pick-and-Pop
C: Banger

Bulls: Derrick Rose or John Wall? Hearing this question, and seeing it, is abso-to-da-lutely groundless at this juncture. Technically Rose is proven, but Wall has the opportunity to take the reigns from Deron Williams in his first year. I don't know his growth-span (who does?) but this guy is on another planet.