NBA Draft Edition: Demarcus Cousins

Del ChocContributor IIJune 9, 2010

Demarcus Cousins

There are only a handful of guys in the league that you can actually say, 'hey, catch the ball on the post and spark a 10-and-0 run', while getting the other team's starter in foul trouble. Lets see...O'Neal being least effective, Howard behind Gasol, and yeah, Gasol. So to think that he's not worth the risk, you're crazy. I never put stock into a 19-year-old's issues off the court, especially after seeing what our past presidents indulged themselves in, but neither here or there, they still have good and bad reviews originating from the public.

 But what I think frustrates basketball fans about Cousins is his overt way of being indifferent. I actually like it. That's his way of letting the veterans know that there's a new kid on the block, so move over. And he's unbelievably talented. It's common to see Tyrus Thomas-Anthony Randolph modes bringing the ball up the court with unbelievable length, but Cousins excels by doing that with bruising strength. The game hasn't seen a big that mobile, who can actually bring it up the court, and shoot threes. From the start, while not showing impressive against Morehead St. with Wall sitting out, you knew he was destined to eventually start streaks of double-double ventures. He clubbed Sam Houston by snagging 18 boards and posting 27. He went even from behind the arc against Cleveland State. And he had his best defensive rebounding game against Samardo Samuels of Louisville, another undersized but strong 4-man. But he didn't just out-play those who reign far less superior, as you see against Vanderbilt, outplaying one of the nation's best big-men in America, A.J. Ogilvy, posting 21-and-10 while attempting 13 free-throws.

And he also possess under appreciated, or none documented, leadership in that he's not willing to tuck-a-tail as possible disputes between teammates and the opposing team bring about battling nature. That battling nature can obviously be physical, as shown by way of Louisville's Swoopshire's head, or verbal, where camera-tized for every uproar him and Coach Cal had for whatever -- playing time, silly foul, or highlighting his teammates' error occurrences. It doesn't matter. You can count on him when things get testy. You see, he may not be the most mature, but given the right coach, he can be. Larry Brown humbled Allen Iverson. Phil Jackson handled Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. Zach Randolph is probably the most misunderstood in terms of personality, but all that said, he's getting it done with leadership and on-court statistical production as of 2009-10.

I never been the one to do a 360, but I would take him first overall if the right calling was put forth. For instance, a team like Pistons, if they had the number one pick, I'd keep Stuckey and draft Demarcus Cousins.

By closing out, it just isn't common to sign-seal-and-deliver on a finesse-slash-banger in any part of most NBA Drafts. And I wouldn't be surprise if his comfort level and maturity took a burst for the better after scoring his first bucket against Dwight Howard. And then what? Teams that passed on him will regret wholeheartedly. I'm going to call it: Demarcus Cousins, 2nd best big behind that of Gasol.

Bulls: Moving up should be the primary objective in mind because we all know how desperate Bulls need that low-post presence. I know fans get tired of hearing analysts say Bulls are a jump-shooting team, but it's true. Last year we slowedly became remote to that way of playing as Taj Gibson gave us solid moves down-low, and Noah's custom floor-game was more tuning with passes into the other big-man by taking his man off the dribble. So I would definitely say progression is being made in that faze of this team, especially since Gordon is gone. But still, that next jump eventually will have to be for someone like Cousins, as pairing him with Noah only cause for more validity. Both big-men have quick feet, testy personalities, dexterity with either hand, and ability to take it up the court. Now that's a genuine half-court/fastbreak front-court no other team in the league can cover.