An Interesting Prediction for the Eastern Conference Finals

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIMay 28, 2010

Doc Rivers said it best after the Celtics lost Game Four at home, "They have two home games and we only have one, so we've just made it more difficult for ourselves."

Now that truly is starting to mean something as the Celtics look to close the series out, again, at home tonight.

What is it that the Celtics are doing differently causing them to lose two straight? Or is it the Magic?

I believe the Celtics have digressed from the style of defense they played in the first three games. Now, that isn't to discredit the Magic for their two straight wins, but the Celtics aren't the same the team that played against Cleveland and the Magic in the first three games.

What the Celtics need to do against the Magic in Game Six to win is successfully defending the pick-and roll with Nelson and Howard.
In the first three games, Dwight Howard was limited on the offensive end because he wasn't able to get the ball in the low post. It reminded me much of Shaq in the Cavs Celtics series.
Shaq would get the ball 10 feet away from the block and make a couple dribbles that got him nowhere, forcing him to put up a hook that clanked off the back of the rim.
If Dwight Howard is going to be successful in game six, it's going to happen by getting the ball deep in the post where he doesn't have to do much dribbling to score.
The Celtics also utilized their bench perfectly on Howard in the first three games. Having big guys like Garnett, Perkins, Baby Davis, and Rasheed is a huge advantage to the Celtics.
They frustrated the hell out of Dwight in the first couple games and it led to him being unproductive.
Honestly, if the Celtics can stop the pick-and-roll from Jameer and Howard, they should roll to an easy Game Six victory.


However, if the Celtics were to lose in game six, I strongly believe we will see history. No team has ever come back from a 0-3 drought. This has to be a special case because the Magic rolled into this series as the higher seed with home court.
If Dwight Howard plays like he has all season and as he has in the past couple games in Game Six, the Magic's momentum will be very difficult for the Celtics to overcome.
The Magic went through this last year, too. As much as analysts say the Celtics are an experienced team, the Magic also made the finals.
I understand there's a big difference from making the finals and winning the finals, but we aren't in the finals yet.


Game 6 - Celtics Win

Game 7 - Magic Win