Cavaliers Fans: Prepare To Be "Un-Witnessed"

Eric YarmolukCorrespondent IMay 15, 2010

"We'll see what happens" is all LeBron James had to say about his Free Agency this Summer. But that's all he pretty much could say without having Cleveland fans go crazy while he is in Cleveland all Summer long.

But let's face it Cleveland, Mike Browns coaching job is pretty much done. The Cavs had the likes of Shaq, Jamario Moon, Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams and Delonte West, and for the second straight year after having the best record in the NBA the Cavaliers fall short of even winning the Eastern Conference Championship.

The only way of being able to keep LeBron in Cleveland is to bring in a new coach like Phil Jackson (who will demand A LOT of money) and bring in another player off the Free Agency list that will guarantee you a Championship in 2011. But face it Cleveland, the Cavs really don't have the money to spend on both Phil Jackson and a big name Free Agent like Joe Johnson or Chris Bosh. They will barely be able to sign Shaq for a second season.

But beyond Cleveland everyone seems to have made up their mind of where LeBron is going. Famous Chris Broussard said, "If someone put a gun to my head right now...I would say LeBron will play for Chicago." Then after Broussard made this comment it seems EVERYONE around the nation "especially the Chicago area" are posting pictures of LeBron in a Bulls uniform wearing the number six.

Well sorry to burst your bubble everyone but I don't see LeBron going to Chicago. Sure they have the likes of Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose and will have cap room and money to spend but I really don't think it will inspire LeBron enough to go to Chicago.

Noah is the only good Center the Bulls really have and in my opinion he is undersized. He doesn't have the ability to match up against Dwight Howard (which was proved last season when Orlando knocked the Cavs out in the third-round of the playoffs), and certainly not a player that can guarantee you a Championship. Derrick Rose is talented but with the way both Rose and James play I feel that together their game will clash just like Rip Hamilton and Allen Iverson's did in Detroit.

LeBron is looking to go to a team who has the ability to win a Championship and even if LeBron does go to Chicago it still won't make them a Championship contender. He had much more of a supporting cast with the Cavs than he will with Chicago unless they pick up another really big name off the Free Agent market with him. If Chicago is able to sign a Chris Bosh, or Carlos Boozer then maybe they will have a shot of landing LeBron.

In my opinion the best option for LeBron to do is look at New Jersey and see what they decide to do this Summer. The Nets have a new owner that is worth about $9 billion  and a ton of cap space that he is willing to spend money out of his own pocket on. With a possibility of landing the first pick in the draft or third pick at the worst, they have the ability to draft the talented guard John Wall or the talented Center DeMarcus Cousins.

Sure many say, "Why would LeBron want to go to a team that just had the worst record in the NBA?" Many reasons. First of all, the supporting cast. They aren't a joke team at all. The Nets have the likes of Brook Lopez, Courtney Lee, and Devin Harris staying with the team that are all great players. Second of all, the Nets have a ton of cap room and of course all that money to spend.

The Nets have the ability to make another Gold Medal team USA again. If they make the right moves they could automatically be a Championship contender right away.

Personally what I think the Nets should do is if they draft John Wall then go off and try to sign LeBron James, maybe a Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and sign a one year deal with Shaq.

If they draft a big man like DeMarcus Cousins, again go for LeBron James, maybe Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, but also go for a player like Joe Johnson, Joe Smith, Amare Stoudemire, or maybe even a Ray Allen.

Expect LeBron to sit back and watch what every team does before he makes a big decision like this. Sure he has family, friends, and a big house in Cleveland but he will not win a Championship there and after 7 years, that is what he wants and needs to really be compared to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.