Redditor Creates Amazing Dragon Ball Z-Themed NBA Finals GIFs

Jake Silver@@jakeofsilverSocial Media StaffJune 14, 2015

(via noise_filter)

Passion for a sport or franchise can compel fans to get pretty creative. When that creativity meets tremendous skill, sometimes we can only stop and tip our caps.

The 2015 NBA Finals has made for some great storylines surrounding LeBron James, MVP Stephen Curry and Curry's improbable kryptonite, Matthew Dellavedova.

Redditor noise_filter has made three Finals-themed GIFs so far, and has topped himself with each one.

First, he started with Delly:

After that, he turned his focus to LeBron:

Following the Golden State Warriors' Game 4 win to tie up the series, noise_filter created his greatest GIF of all:

Shortly after the Finals ended, we got a look at a Game 5 version of Curry.