Mason Plumlee's Epic Block on LeBron James Didn't Get Him off Towel Duty

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 9, 2014

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Heroes are born in an instant, rising from the depths of relative obscurity to steal the spotlight and the hearts of fans. Oh, and heroes are sometimes on towel duty. 

Newsday's Roderick Boone (h/t Black Sports Online) reports that Mason Plumlee's now-famous block on LeBron James to close Tuesday night's win over the Miami Heat, 88-87, didn't exactly win the rookie any favors with the Nets' veterans. 

First, we might as well remind you of David getting over on Goliath one time: 

If you are a Heat fan, you saw contact. If you are a Nets fan, you saw a massive block. If you were Mason Plumlee, you got the towels. 

Joe Johnson, according to Boone, had this to say: "I just told him big play, but get the towels. Get your towels, and make sure you get us some Gatorade and water and meet us at the bus."

Paul Pierce was equally unimpressed with Plumlee's game-winning block: "That's all part of it. Even though he had a huge game, national TV, big bucket, big block, he's still got to come in here and carry the bags and get the towels."

Pierce didn't take it easy on the rookie whose biggest moment in the NBA resulted in grunt work. ESPN's Brian Windhorst culled some hilarious words from veterans who made certain their 24-year-old big man stayed humble: 

"Get the towels, I need some wings and get the bags!" Pierce shouted at him. "You done changed, haven't you? They don't make rooks like they used to!"

Deron Williams, icing his ankles across the room, smiled and sang, "I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man" as he laughed at Plumlee's discomfort as the center of attention.

Plumlee's block won him a giant piece of the spotlight on Tuesday night, but it also garnered some unwanted attention from the team's vets. 

Now, as Bleacher Report's Tristan Thornburgh spotted on Twitter, there was some definite disagreement on the cleanliness of the block:

Words are nice and all, but this GIF should illustrate how James feels rather nicely, via Reddit:

GIF Credit: Reddit

Plumlee, at least for a night, was the biggest name on a team filled with stars. However, there is a definite "good news, bad news" sentiment to that scenario. 

King James no doubt has Plumlee targeted for their next meeting, whenever that might be. Until that takes place, the veterans will make sure he never forgets. 

Now get that towel, Rook. 


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