The Top 10 Most Wasteful 3-Point Seasons Ever

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The Top 10 Most Wasteful 3-Point Seasons Ever
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What were the most wasteful three-point shooting seasons in history, and how does one come to such a determination?

Abraham Lincoln once said, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

We can apply that same logic to three-point chuckers: It is better to be thought a horrible shot and not shoot than to chuck up a gazillion of them and remove all doubt.

Being a chucker doesn't consist just of being unable to hit a shot from long, but it means the incessant and burning need of a player to prove he can hit the shot in spite of the overwhelming proof to the contrary.

Career sojourner Michael Cage, who played 15 years, has the NBA record for most three-point attempts without ever having one pass through the net, but that was just 25. Cage might not have made a shot, but he was under no illusion that he could.

No, the worst shooters need a different measure. These are the ones who shoot badly and often.

To determine that, I looked at the 100 players who attempted the most shots while netting less than 30 percent of them. This is well below the total NBA average of 34.8 percent since the inception of the deep ball.

That gave me a list of players who met both criteria of shooting awfully and frequently.

From there, I determined which players were actually costing their team the most points by their horrendous hurling. Assuming that even a respectable three-point shooter picked up off the waiver wire could make a third of his shots, I calculated how many points a replacement player would score with the same shots, then subtracted the number of points per game a player was "costing" his team by his atrocious shooting.

The technical formulas is [(3PA/3*3)-(3P*3)]/G

That gave me the points per game expected off the attempts. I subtracted the actual points per game, giving me points cost per game. That is what is listed on the following slides.

Based on that, here are the 10 worst three-point seasons in the history of the game.

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