Ray Allen, Spike Lee Discussing Potential 'He Got Game' Sequel

Joe FlynnContributor IJanuary 7, 2014

Getty Images

Jesus Shuttlesworth is making a comeback.

No, not Ray Allen; he never left. In fact, he has been quite an integral part of recent NBA history. Instead, it's the character Allen played in the 1998 film He Got Game who has resurfaced in the media.

First came the announcement that Allen would play the Miami Heat's Jan. 10 game against Brooklyn in a "J. Shuttlesworth" jersey.

Now, it seems there is a chance Shuttlesworth might be coming soon to a theater near you. Per the Associated Press (via ESPN), "[Allen] and filmmaker Spike Lee have spent time over the last couple months discussing a sequel."

In case you haven't seen it, He Got Game is the story of Jake Shuttlesworth (played by legendary actor Denzel Washington), a prison inmate who is offered early release by the governor. The only condition: Jake must convince his son, Jesus, a star high school basketball player, to attend the governor's alma mater. Allen beat out Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson for the role of Jesus, according to the film website This Distracted Globe.

What will become of Jesus in the sequel? Per the Associated Press, Lee and Allen have been "throwing ideas back and forth" and would like Washington and actress Rosario Dawson (Jesus' girlfriend) to reprise their roles from the previous film. 

It might come as a surprise to some fans that Allen and Lee still have a good working relationship. Lee is without a doubt the most famous die-hard Knicks fan on the planet, and since the movie came out, Allen crushed the dreams of his Knicks on multiple occasions while playing for the rival Boston Celtics.

Will it work out? Washington can get any film role he wants at this point, and Allen is pretty busy at the moment, helping the Heat defend their title. Spike Lee might have to bide his time.