Ronny Turiaf Spoofs Kobe by 'Jumping' Monster Truck

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Kobe Bryant's verticals have nothing on Ronny Turiaf's insane hops.

If you remember, and you should, Kobe was filmed jumping over a speeding Aston Martin in 2008. No, really, he was.

Then the Black Mamba's teammate, Turiaf, unsuccessfully tried to talk Kobe out of it before joining him in some post car-hopping celebration.

Five years later, Turiaf, now a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, has topped Kobe's automobile-vaulting feats with one of his own.

For The Win came across the above video in which Turiaf cleared a monster truck traveling at breakneck speeds. Sure, it was a remote-controlled monster truck, but still.

Prior to soaring over the ant-sized obstacle, Turiaf addressed Kobe's previous display of athleticism.

"Kobe, do you remember when you jumped over the Aston Martin?" Turiaf asked. "Well, your little brother got something better, homie."

Because the mock leap wasn't enough, Turiaf ensured his rampant celebration was one we would never forget. 

He and his bros went nuts. There was screaming, finger-wagging and, I believe, even some Irish jigging.

And rightfully so. It's not every day you're able to soar over an 18(-ounce) wheeler. In a suit jacket and tie, no less.

Kobe may have risen above a sports car that cost more than your house, but Turiaf took flight in his Sunday best. That's how you turn a parody into an epic response.

Once our disbelief subsides, there will be nothing left for us to do other than anxiously await the Black Mamba's rebuttal. Assuming he waits until his Achilles injury fully heals, I imagine we can expect to see him leapfrog any armored tank J.R. Smith rolls up for dinner in, or hurdle a Hot Wheels monster truck recklessly barreling down a local sidewalk.

Get well soon, Kobe. For the sake of documenting your response, please, oh please, get well soon.

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