That 'All That' Clip of Kobe Bryant and Amanda Bynes Didn't Age Very Well

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 9, 2013

Let's hop in the figurative DeLorean, fire up the flex capacitor and travel back to a time when Amanda Bynes had a career and Kobe Bryant sported far more hair atop his head. 

This flashback moment to the late '90s comes courtesy of a Reddit user who spotted the forgotten clip and just needed to share it with the world. 

Well, we are truly thankful, because it's the kind of video that will remind you of the good ol' days, when Bryant rocked a mini Afro and a warm-up jacket completely keeping with the times. 

Seriously, where can we get a sweet jacket like that now? 

The segment also features Christy Knowings, who recently enjoyed a role on Sesame Street. The other young girl in the video needs no introduction, but we will supply one anyway because YOLO. 

The character referred to as Gina who spills punch on Bryant and yells at the camera is Amanda Bynes, and she went on to have her own show on Nickelodeon aptly titled The Amanda Show

More recently, she has received fame for her Twitter tirades and odd escapades that have left her in a mental hospital. Yeah, that sort of sullies an otherwise silly moment from an era of hyper colors and sketch comedy shows featuring kids. 

As for the actual skit, it pretty much sums up the All That series, which was over-the-top antics that sometimes included celebrity cameos. 

Then again, the two characters playing Bryant-crazed fans may not have been far off

There is no information on exactly what episode this comes from, but the man who would later gloss himself The Black Mamba claims to be single. 

Bryant met his future wife, Vanessa Laine, in 1999, and the two married in 2001. You can currently see Bryant showing off gnarly scars and generally working hard to open the regular season. 

All of this should remind fans of just one thing: Kobe Bryant had some sensational hair back in the day, and he simply needs to bring it back. 

Now we can all go back to forgetting All That was once a thing. 


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