Dwight Howard Destroys Twitter Troll over 'Ring' Comment

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Dwight Howard Destroys Twitter Troll over 'Ring' Comment

If you’re going to troll Dwight Howard, don’t come weak to the rim.

Throwing up a cream puff insult over social media will only get you embarrassed—a fact the newly minted Houston Rocket proved Wednesday when he rained scorched-earth Internet justice down on one particularly careless troll.

The beef began when Howard took to Twitter to tweet with fans. Once the trolls began circling, Howard went on the defensive, telling detractors to let go of the past and stop hating themselves into an early grave.

Things took a turn for the awesome, however, when one troll threw out a tired line about Howard never winning an NBA title. The exchange that followed was brief and priceless.

Oh snap!

GIF via TheValid.com

Let it be known, everyone, that it’s probably not in your best interest to call out the faults of others.

Just sit at home, write your 140 characters in a little notebook and blend the paper into a low-cal smoothie. Add blueberry Crystal Light and sweeten to taste. 

Anything is more constructive than talking trash over Twitter to Howard. He’s a lover not a fighter—but he won’t hesitate to put your weak stuff on the glass when you set him up.


Join me on Twitter—the Wild West of trolling.

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