Tyreke Evans Hits Seattle Mayor with Killer Crossover at Jamal Crawford's Pro-Am

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJuly 29, 2013

NBA superstars never stop, not even for government officials.

Playing at Jamal Crawford's Pro-Am Game in Seattle, Tyreke Evans took the city's mayor, Michael McGinn, to exhibition school.

Going at McGinn with his left hand, Evans crossed over to his right, fooling his defender and laying the ball in for an easy two.

Evans' crossover earned a "grown-man move" from the announcer, the highest of praises from anyone who's evidently attempting to curb their enthusiasm.

Not to be outdone, McGinn showed off some handles of his own on the next trip up the floor.

After turning to the crowd while sporting a "did that just happen?" face—which bore a striking resemblance to LeBron James' "who, me?" frown—McGinn put down a crossover of his own.

Dribbling with his right hand, he crossed over to his left, then dropped a no-look dime off to a cutting teammate for the basket.

To answer your question, no, Evans did not provide the necessary help defense.

McGinn's response wasn't as flamboyant as his counterpart's, but it was equally effective. Both drew applause from the crowd and culminated in a made bucket. Nothing else matters.

Well, that's not entirely true.

Any time you see a bureaucrat going all NBA on the basketball court, it's impressive—and as you can see, worth writing/reading about.

Evans does this for a living. Exploiting the nonexistent lateral quickness of a 53-year-old politician isn't exactly a chore.

When that public servant gets into the paint and completes a show-stopping offensive set of his own, that's news.

His point guard-esque court vision is really something to commend. If you're devoid of a true floor general (see New York Knicks), you might want to consider offering him a 10-day contract.

Just remember to make sure he's never tasked with defending Evans.