Charles Barkley's 'Kazaam' Jab Leaves Shaquille O'Neal Speechless

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 4, 2013

Shaquille O'Neal suffered a horrible and devastating burn on live television, and all we could do was watch it unfold. 

On TNT's Inside the NBA, O'Neal begins to speak seriously about the Indiana Pacers and their Game 7 loss to the Miami Heat. 

In short, he wants the world to know that, "Before you succeed, you must first learn to fail," a quote he received from Michael Jordan. 

That's when Charles Barkley steps in to take a giant swing at that juicy softball Shaq just floated up into the air. "Did he tell you to be in Kazaam too?" Barkley asks sarcastically.

It was at this moment that Barkley would have been far better served by taking off the headset and walking off the set in an epic "drop the mic" moment. 

Instead, we are left with Ernie Johnson just about losing it and Shaq fumbling for the proper reply to his colleague reminding him of this: 

Yes, that is the very first moment the world shifted from one without a seven-foot rapping genie who grants wishes to the little kid from A Bronx Tale to one that does. 

As for Shaq, he continues to search for the perfect retort to the arena-leveling blast he just endured, but has to settle with a menacing look that has me confident Chuck was the recipient of a wealth of noogies after the cameras went to break. 

I will go ahead and advise Shaq to have something witty in his back pocket for any future mentions of the Hollywood hit Steel

Something tells me Barkley has that movie already locked and loaded. 


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