Memphis Grizzlies' Quincy Pondexter Asks Out Miss Tennessee on Twitter

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 29, 2013

Though his team was swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals, Quincy Pondexter of the Memphis Grizzlies enjoyed a very successful series, averaging 15.3 points, 3.3 rebounds and 1.0 assist. 

His performance off the pine was impressive, but he trumped it by scoring a date with Miss Tennessee with a little help from Twitter.

Pondexter started out with a simple inquiry, and the situation escalated from there.

Who won Miss Tennessee this year?

— Quincy Pondexter (@QuincyPondexter) May 29, 2013

Now that season is over I need 2 find a gf “@chrisvernonshow: Offseason...RT @quincypondexterWho won Miss Tennessee this year?”

— Quincy Pondexter (@QuincyPondexter) May 29, 2013

Miss Tennessee herself, Chandler Lawson, caught wind of Pondexter's question and gave him one back:

@quincypondexter hi! Heard you were looking for me? #gogrizz

— Chandler Lawson (@MissTN2012) May 29, 2013

Pondexter saw his opportunity and skipped all the small talk, boldly asking out Ms. Lawson. 

Yup!! single? Lol “@misstn2012: @quincypondexter hi! Heard you were looking for me? #gogrizz

— Quincy Pondexter (@QuincyPondexter) May 29, 2013

“@jon_roser: Man there is nothing funnier than @quincypondexter mackin on @misstn2012 on twitter” I'm lovin' it! And yes, totally single!

— Chandler Lawson (@MissTN2012) May 29, 2013

Oh totally single? Ditto ... Date? Lol @misstn2012

— Quincy Pondexter (@QuincyPondexter) May 29, 2013

@quincypondexter you got it! We've got an audience waiting apparently!

— Chandler Lawson (@MissTN2012) May 29, 2013

Let that be a lesson to all the guys out there (and ladies too, I suppose). Don't be afraid to tweet that special someone and ask him or her out for a date, regardless of what beauty contests he or she might have won.

Apparently, that approach totally works. Excuse me for a second while I send a tweet to the 49 remaining Miss (insert state name here) titleholders.

I suppose it would help if I go 12-of-25 from beyond the arc in the Western Conference Finals first.

Sometimes, it can be a good thing for a basketball player's season to end slightly early. Now, the only thing Pondexter has left to decide is where to take his new lady on their first date.

I'd say go with a Chuck E. Cheese's—that way, he can show off how good he is at Pop-A-Shot. Or just take her to a park with his ridiculously cute puppy.

My final request it that they somehow get Metta World Peace to live-tweet their date, which seems to be his profession of late.