Should Dwyane Wade Be Punished for His Blatant Game 3 Flop?

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2013

With the Miami Heat well on their way to a win over the Indiana Pacers Sunday night, Dwyane Wade was deciding how to deal with a bigger Ian Mahinmi in one particular sequence. His final decision was to throw himself to the ground with a fine-worthy flop.

Wade is having a very aggravating postseason. His balky knee has led to a downturn in production, he's picked up a flagrant foul, and now it seems he's tossing himself to the ground to draw a foul or two.

The play in question involved Wade getting the ball along the baseline with Mahinmi coming over to pick him up.

Mahinmi extended his arm to keep Wade at a distance and along the baseline to trap Wade (who had dribbled up to that point).

The big dude had his arm extended a good 75 percent of the way as he slowly backed up a bit more to close the passing lane on the cutting LeBron James. Once he extended his arm all the way, Wade saw an opening to toss himself to the ground and out of bounds.

If that's enough to make a 6'4", 220-pound man drop to the ground, then I'm going to go back and take a high school physics course.

So far this postseason, the NBA has handed out four fines to flopping offenders, as there is no warning for a first offense in the playoffs.

Tony Allen was fined for selling contact when Manu Ginobili fouled him leading to a flagrant 1 ruling, J.R. Smith accentuated a bit of contact after a David West screen, Derek Fisher hit the deck in a hilarious double-flop, and Jeff Pendergraph allowed Josh Smith's backside to obliterate him.

Pendergraph's is probably the closest to Wade's flop, only on the other side of the ball.

In this situation, Pendergraph seems to take more contact than Wade while acting his way into a charge call, leading to his fine.

If the league office is any kind of consistent governing body, Wade's gratuitous flop is definitely worthy of a fine...right?

Well, there's a big difference between the two situations.

Wade flopped, there's no doubt about it, but he didn't earn the call in the process. The play in question was actually a turnover, with Wade losing the ball out of bounds.

The league did do its best to strong-arm him a bit following a Game 2 forearm to Lance Stephenson that was upgraded to a flagrant 1, and he has been suspended once already this season.

It seems silly to fine a guy for a play that hurts his team. This one should go unpunished.