NBA Draft 2013: The Boston Celtics' 5 Most Important Draft Targets

Matthew Wolfe@@DatDudeMKWCorrespondent IIIMay 25, 2013

NBA Draft 2013: The Boston Celtics' 5 Most Important Draft Targets

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    The Boston Celtics finished with a 41-40 regular season in 2013, which got them the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference.

    They were bounced out of the playoffs by the New York Knicks in round one after putting up a fight and bringing the series to six games.

    The days of the Big Three are coming to an end due to age and free agency, and the Celtics are looking to get younger with the 16th pick in this year's draft.

    Although the core of their team may be slowly deteriorating, the Celtics still have plenty of young pieces to build around, giving them hope for the future.

    Here is a look at the Boston Celtics' five most important draft targets. 

5. Shane Larkin

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    One of the main focal points that the Celtics will be looking to focus on this season is finding a backup point guard.

    Their weakness at guard was very exposed in their playoff matchup against New York, so the draft would be a good place to start looking for some depth.

    Enter Shane Larkin.

    Larkin is a quick guard who can shoot lights out and has experience running an offense, and he does it with confidence.

    The big knock on Larkin is his lack of size, but his excellent skill set could negate that once he gets to the NBA.

    With pick No. 16, the Celtics may be able to find a guard that is rated higher, but if those guards fly off the board early, Larkin could be an excellent fit for the Celtics. 

4. Dennis Schroeder

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    Dennis Schroeder is another point guard that can fill the Celtics' large need.

    Schroeder is a quick guard with blazing speed, and he has a gigantic wingspan for a guard, similar to Rajon Rondo.

    The guard out of Germany is an above-average shooter and scouts say that he is a solid passer, which makes him highly touted going into this years draft.

    It is always a risk taking someone who plays overseas with such a high pick because they don't always play the same style of basketball, but Schroeder looks like he will fit in just fine.

    He may not drop all the way down to Boston at No. 16, but if he does, expect the Celtics to be very interested.

3. Shabazz Muhammad

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    The former consensus No. 1 pick has dropped down people's draft boards throughout this year, but that doesn't mean the raw talent isn't still there.

    Muhammad has an assassin's mentality when it comes to scoring the ball, and that will likely translate into success in the NBA.

    With Paul Pierce's future with the team uncertain over the next few years, the Celtics will be looking for a small forward that can be a fixture with the team long term.

    Muhammad is the type of player that can be the face of a franchise one day, and he could be a perfect replacement for Pierce down the road.

    He may not fit an immediate need for Boston, but it's hard to think many Celtics fans would be upset if they selected Muhammad here.

2. Gorgui Dieng

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    Other than a backup point guard, another big need that the Celtics need to address is a big man.

    With the future of Kevin Garnett also uncertain, the Celtics need to look into adding another body into the rotation, preferably a rebounder.

    Gorgui Dieng fits this mold pretty perfectly, giving the Celtics a big body down low that can cause problems for other teams offensively while protecting the glass along the way.

    Dieng also brings some offense to the table with his ability to knock down the mid-range shot.

    The most recent NCAA national champion is going to be highly sought-after come draft day, and expect the Celtics to be one of the teams looking into his services.

1. Michael Carter-Williams

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    As previously mentioned, the Celtics' need for a backup point guard is a big one.

    After a great showing in the NCAA tournament, Carter-Williams started to climb up draft boards all around.

    The 6'6" guard from Syracuse showed great poise and athleticism in his time at Syracuse, and NBA teams will be very interested in adding them to their roster.

    Many mock drafts have Carter-Williams being drafted before No. 16, but there are always cases of players slipping down, and the Celtics will be hoping that Carter-Williams falls to them.

    The gifted athlete with the high basketball IQ is a great fit for the Celtics as a backup point guard, and he should be a priority for Boston in this year's draft.