Phil Jackson Is Even Better at Twitter Than We Could Have Hoped

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Phil Jackson Is Even Better at Twitter Than We Could Have Hoped
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Phil Jackson is gaming the system. 

The Zen Master joined Twitter on Wednesday afternoon and is already winning championship rings, albeit in tweet form. 

Update: Thursday, March 28, 3:05 p.m. ET

Just as we suspected, Phil Jackson is not an incompetent tweeter after all. Here is his second tweet, complete with a video explaining his cryptic first message.

If you're scoring at home, Phil has just two posts and is already far better at Twitter than any of us could ever hope to be. 

---End of Update---

It all started with a simple tweet from his fiancee and Lakers executive vice president, Jeanie Buss

From there, the Twitterverse collective uttered in one spirited reply, "Bwhaaa?!?!"

His followers shot up so quickly you would have thought Brent Musburger had just said that Jackson was the best-looking retired coach on Twitter. 

Of course, that was all before what was quite possibly the finest first tweet in Twitter history. Here is the very first post from the 11-time championship-winning coach:

Yes, the man who was as methodical in his dealings with the press as he was with the teams he coached just horribly mistyped his first tweet. 

The gaffe led to obvious retweets and snarky posts—the best of which you can find below. 

Again, he knows what he's doing. 

I wouldn't put it past him to just type in a messy post, hit tweet and then sit back and marvel at the bedlam he created. 

As of this writing, that single tweet had over 8,000 retweets and over 3,200 favorites. Considering he has over 42,000 followers in just his first half day on the social media site, you have to say the man is pretty damn successful at this Twitter stuff. 

Really, the best part of his initial post is that he hit publish and walked away in a "drop the mic" moment that shows all you kids out there how it's done. Class with the Zen Maser is still in session.

As if his avatar with his 11 rings weren't enough, he wants you to decipher his coded message and start a grand discussion about him. 

When he first joined, I wanted to know how he might fit his wisdom into just 140 characters. Well, I guess I have my answer. 

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