1. Knicks notes: Phil Jackson gets back to defensive roots; Fredette?, KP's first pitch https://t.co/GzEuwF6NaI

  2. Herring: Knicks Still Seeking the Perfect Rotation

  3. Despite Cold Shooting, Melo Has History of Heating Up in Winter

  4. New Team USA coach Gregg Popovich has 17 50-win seasons in his career. That's tied for most in NBA history with Pat Riley and Phil Jackson.

  5. I always felt that when Pat Riley & Phil Jackson were active coaches that they deserved to at least be asked about the national team job.

  6. #Knicks president Phil Jackson is at the team's open practice today. He spent time talking hoops with Kristaps' older brother, Janis.

  7. Asked if he was a consultant to Phil Jackson, Melo said, "No. I don’t think so. Phil got enough consultants around here, people he talk to."

  8. Also interesting in this from @vicesports, a cameo from Iman Shumpert, who has a funny line about Phil Jackson: https://t.co/x2EbvZaSIa

  9. Wise words from Phil Jackson ... https://t.co/iECgXeZCFy

  10. Phil Jackson and the Knicks nearly perfect in opener. (And the Bucks ain't very good.) https://t.co/v5kffhANr3 https://t.co/o3P3R0YZ5f

  11. On https://t.co/TjADblnCHt: Cousins hates Clippers; will Phil Jackson return to Lakers?; and latest pro hoops moves. https://t.co/hsKI5WnAgk

  12. I wonder if Phil Jackson went Red Auerbach last night and smoked a (legal) victory cigar. He deserves it.

  13. Knicks rewind: Draft bust vindicates Phil Jackson's $10 million risk https://t.co/6TuBpCgtIz via @nypost

  14. #TDIKH: https://t.co/Uftuhw5fTr Kobe's 25 in Phoenix helps Phil Jackson get his 1,100th career victory. https://t.co/hTalku036F

  15. #Knick Rewind: DWill vindicating Phil Jackson's $10 million risk as Mr. Everywhere https://t.co/6TuBpCgtIz

  16. In today's Shootaround we're discussing Phil Jackson's future with the #Knicks: https://t.co/b9319j8vd6 https://t.co/crgfjhzfzG

  17. Phil Jackson, Jim Dolan, Irving Azoff, Kate Upton, Jimmy "Newcastle" Fallon and Ed Burns are all jinxing the Knicks. Blame them.

  18. Column: With Phil Jackson's Knicks, a patient plan and an aging superstar try to coexist. https://t.co/zLXGfy0Gnj

  19. Gregg Popovich cuts short a question about the Knicks free agent signings saying "I don't evaluate Phil Jackson."

  20. Pop, on how Knicks did in FA: "Lemme stop you right there: I don't evaluate Phil Jackson."

  21. Adam Silver, Phil Jackson & many others honor Timberwolves' Flip Saunders in tribute video https://t.co/T9xRneKBn9 https://t.co/zGGDmNrzLb

  22. Knicks president Phil Jackson will probably smile when he hears this ... https://t.co/Ma0Jv2KQFb

  23. Kobe's possible farewell tour begins in New York against Phil Jackson, Kurt Rambis, Derek Fisher and Sasha Vujacic. https://t.co/Rmkr2fB0Ob

  24. Would be cool if Phil Jackson rambled out of his midcourt seat and run the bench vs. Lakers for the fourth quarter for old time sake.

  25. Phil Jackson takes a visit to the Lakers' locker room

  26. Fisher on if he is more emotional/aggressive with the refs because Phil Jackson suggested he should be: "No, the strings aren't that tight."

  27. VIDEO: Kobe Bryant to Spike Lee on Phil Jackson's triangle offense: 'That's a square!' https://t.co/Fu0qI4sHa8 https://t.co/ocNjCzOVyU

  28. Ever notice Phil Jackson did everything he could not to play rookies?

  29. Byron Scott pre-game on Metta: "He’s not a guy who takes bad shots." Ahh, the days when Phil Jackson said the exact opposite.

  30. You can't spell PHIL JACKSON IS A GENIUS without PORZINGIS (or something like that).

  31. #Knicks Rewind: Derek Fisher's all-in bench policy answers Phil Jackson's preseason challenge https://t.co/AxZJfsyM0U

  32. Knicks Rewind: Derek Fisher's bench policy answers Phil Jackson's challenge https://t.co/AxZJfsyM0U

  33. J.R. Smith says it's 'crazy' that Knicks president Phil Jackson would discuss his personal life in public. Details: https://t.co/dB42PwcpDz

  34. Cavs' J.R. Smith not happy with Phil Jackson talking about his personal life https://t.co/e6IzELrXbW https://t.co/gbTXd08HVz

  35. J.R. Smith says it's "crazy" Phil Jackson would discuss his personal life to the media: https://t.co/RFwtl2bRp5 https://t.co/xW8ehTELp1

  36. J.R. Smith: It's 'crazy to me' that Phil Jackson discussed my personal life. https://t.co/TNoNDdWSoz https://t.co/3eCrCbyJAj

  37. J.R. Smith Unhappy With Phil Jackson Discussing His Personal Life https://t.co/uhFyPGHRtZ https://t.co/HH8scSAqwU

  38. J.R. Smith: Phil Jackson asked me to open up, I thought I could trust him to keep it private https://t.co/bPPB0TCPQ5

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