Paul George Puts Larry Sanders in the Poster Business

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In a play that proved no one is truly safe from posterization, Indiana Pacers forward Paul George crammed one home on Milwaukee Bucks shot-blocker extraordinaire Larry Sanders on Friday night.

Sanders, or LARRY SANDERS! as he's come to be known on Twitter because of his exclamation-point style blocks, is one of the league's most dominant interior defenders. His length, athleticism and timing make him a real difference-maker in the paint.

In fact, one of the biggest takeaways from the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference this year was Kirk Goldsberry's study on interior defense, which revealed that Sanders is more impactful under the rim than anyone in the NBA.

That theory is still sound, but like any other statistically supported claim, it's subject to outliers. And in this case, George was the one making the impact.

The play has led some to wonder whether Sanders is going to lose his nickname, which would be a real shame, as it's one of the most unique—not to mention fitting—monikers in the league.

Based on what happened shortly after halftime, it certainly seems like Sanders had decided it just wasn't going to be his night. After a pair of technical fouls, he was ejected for the third time in his last six games.

In other words, it's been a rough couple of weeks for the emotional big man, and George's dunk certainly didn't help things.

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