DeAndre Jordan's Monster Dunk Reaction Becomes Hilarious Under Armour T-Shirt

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 13, 2013

Photo Credit: Darren Rovell Tweet
Photo Credit: Darren Rovell Tweet

 DeAndre Jordan's monster dunk on innocent bystander Brandon Knight has gone from highlight to meme to something you can actually wear. 

The good people over at Under Armour have decided to pay tribute to the unforgettable moment in which Lob City's biggest member sent Knight crashing to the hardwood. 

Here is what the shirt will look like, via a tweet from ESPN's Darren Rovell:

In case you're interested, you can also buy this shirt at Under Armour's official website.

Now, let's get you up to speed on this dunk business. For all those uninitiated, here is the video of Jordan throwing it down:

I always thought Jordan should have offered a "Did I do that?" right after this slam. It would have been the most appropriate response. 

Moments after the dunk, Jordan was kind enough to flash this look, which was the inspiration for the shirt:  

Knight's Wikipedia page was quickly changed to reflect his on-court demise. Gifs were made and ballyhooed around the Internet. And, inevitably, we were all chastised for being such bullies, because Knight was just giving it his best effort.  

We should have known this would devolve into a shirt. But while the idea is hilarious, I am keeping my hands at my sides as the world gives a standing ovation. 

Why? Because the image just doesn't capture Jordan's actual reaction. 

Here, again, is Jordan's reaction. It basically says, "Dang, that was filthy. Did you all see that? That poor defenseless kid just got destroyed. Who did that? Who did that to a perfectly innocent human being?!"

Now the shirt.

This basically says, "You smell that? Who did that? Let's leave the room for a minute."  

With that being said, at least we now know what not to get Brandon Knight for his birthday.