Power Ranking Best Harlem Shake Videos in Sports

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 1, 2013

Power Ranking Best Harlem Shake Videos in Sports

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    Every last corner of the sports world seems to have stalled just long enough to record a Harlem Shake video. 

    The Miami Heat's take on the ubiquitous dance video is just the latest, but the question of whether it is truly the greatest will be answered in short time. 

    As of this writing, there are about a million athletes out there considering production of their own Harlem Shake. That is a completely made up fact to address a very real problem. 

    Take heed, Internet. We have all the Harlem Shake videos we need for the time being. 

    I guess anything worth doing is worth doing half a million times, so we understand the need to get your attempt out there. 

    Still, we like to think the final days of the Harlem Shake are upon us. Thankfully, we recap. 

    If we left your favorite video off, well, sometimes life isn't fair. 

12. Florida Cheerleaders

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    I think you know where I am going with this one. 

    Every Harlem Shake video should feature at least something in the background that would mandate a "WTF."

    Aside from the guy jumping like a frog, I am perfectly fine with everything that goes on after the drop, which makes this the worst of the bunch. 

    Surprise me, Internets. 

11. MMA

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    Like this. 

    I have so many questions and not one of them will get answered, which is how every single Harlem Shake video should end. 

    Here is more on the video that featured MMA Elite and fighters Vinny Magalhaes, “King” Mo Lawal, Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Ian McCall.

10. USC

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    If you are going to get noticed amid the static noise of other Harlem Shake videos, you have to come hard with the creativity. 

    If that fails, you can get your AD to wear a rare helmet. 

    As Yahoo! Sports spotted, athletic director Pad Haden is wearing the seldom-seen and never-worn-in-a-game black matte football helmet. 

    Feel free to freak out on your own time

9. Louisville Basketball

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    So this one mandated a player go up to coach Rick Pitino and ask him to star in the dramatization of a Harlem Shake video. 

    Props to the Louisville coach for saying yes and then getting out of the way the second things went crazy. 

    Now, how can you not want to at least bob your head to the tune with Russ Smith smiling at you?

8. Jeff Gordon

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    Oh don't think for a second that the world of NASCAR was immune to the infection that is the Harlem Shake. 

    Oh, perhaps I should have written infectious fun that is the Harlem Shake. 

    Nah, I'll leave it be. 

7. Arizona Diamondbacks

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    This one was nearly thrown into the pile of forgettable attempts, until skipper Kirk Gibson came streaking across the screen at the :27 mark. 

    The 1988 World Series gesture will never get old. 

6. Georgia Football

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    This video was a tough one for me. I struggled to really hammer down who my favorite Georgia football player was during the bedlam portion. 

    Seeing as how I couldn't decide between lightsaber bro or umbrella guy, I will give it to the panda, which is a statement I never hope to write ever again. 

5. Kansas Basketball

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    You remember this video from way back in that distant land called this past February, when Kansas players did the Harlem Shake from their locker room. 

    These were some of the first athletes to tackle the meme, so we both applaud and blame them. 

4. Georgia Men's Swim Team

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    We give these guys cool points for a number of things. Most notably, they were some of the athletes who jumped on the meme early. 

    Also, it mandated they hold their breath for far longer than I can actually stay afloat, so kudos are warranted here. 

    Oh, and storm trooper gear will always get an upvote in my book. 

3. Inside the NBA

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    Well, duh. 

    It was only a matter of time before the TNT crew got their Harlem Shake on. The best part has to be Kenny "The Jet" Smith on the desk twirling the umbrella and bouncing a ball. 

    Though, we have to give props to whichever producer convinced Charles Barkley to do this bit. 

2. Miami Heat

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    It's easy to see how popular the Miami Heat are, when you consider the mania their Harlem Shake caused. 

    This is an Internet craze that jumped the shark weeks ago, yet every last person in the sports world was ready to offer their opinions on the Heat iteration. 

    Deadspin covers what might be the very peak of the Harlem Shake mountain. 

    Granted, we have seen one too many of these videos, but we aren't jaded enough to miss how refreshing this take might be. 

    LeBron James as the King? Priceless. The only thing better would have been him wearing a Burger King mask and for Chris Bosh to be in full Barney the Dinosaur costume. 

    Aside from that, love it. 

1. Maryland Students

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    We present to you the best. 

    By all means, if you can orchestrate a Harlem Shake video with thousands of your closets buddies, I will be happy to watch. 

    Until then, take a gander at a Flash Mob that turns into a Harlem Shake video at the 1:27 mark. Even the context works for this video, because Maryland would go on to upset Duke, something that has been fairly contagious this season. 

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