Key & Peele Solve NBA Slam Dunk Contest, May Have to Rethink Horse Slam Dunk

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So you think you have ideas on how to remedy a dish that has gone stale? Well Key & Peele are here to solve every last issue facing the NBA Slam Dunk contest. 

Comedy Central's newest hit sketch show takes on the world of sports once again with a skit that is sure to resonate with a few basketball fans who have had similar debates. 

Not that this is their first foray into athletic hilarity. 

I think many will remember their take on the ever-growing number of outlandish names with their East/West College Bowl sketch.  

My favorite is still Leoz Maxwell Jillium

As for this video called Ballbusters, each fan tries to one up the other in how they would fix the Slam Dunk contest. 

We all have bright ideas, but as long as it doesn't resemble the Chinese Slam Dunk contest, we will take what we can get. 

We now submit to the NBA that they open the dunk contest to include live animals as suggested, because it sounds like it may spice up the event. 

Or we can go with their idea of a revolving dunk, "It's just a perpetual dunk. It's just a Mobious strip of dunks."

Either way is good for us, NBA. 

Hit me up on Twitter for more bright ideas. 

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