Watch Jeremy Lin Show Off His Harvard Roots in New SportsCenter Commercial

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistFebruary 11, 2013

Jeremy Lin is smart. Like really smart. Like confuse-the-folks-over-at-ESPN smart.

In the latest "This is SportsCenter" commercial, Lin puts his Harvard education to good use, helping some ESPN anchors write their script.

Lin tosses out words like "trajectory," "velocity" and "temporal," the latter of which is misspelled, an error that Jeremy immediately catches.

Compared to those Volvo commercials that Lin was doing, this is hysterical. It's not at all serious, yet it's a testament to how far the point guard has come at the same time.

We all knew Lin had to be some kind of a genius. I mean, no one just goes to Harvard; you have to earn it. 

Though he doesn't use any incomprehensible words, the method in which he analyzes the workings of a jump ball isn't exactly one you would expect to see an anchor use—ever.

It's not even a topic most would consider writing about. It's over-complicating an aspect of the game that is supposed to be so simple.

Far be it from me to diminish Lin's intelligence—he's clearly smart—but could you see him taking this kind of a pensive approach when actually on the court? Could you picture him analyzing the "trajectory" of a shot that caromed off the rim so he could snag the rebound? Or calculating the angle at which he must toss a pass to the exact degree?

I'm going to go with "no." There's definitely an intellectual approach when it comes to basketball, but when playing at such a rapid pace, innate intuition reigns supreme.

But at the office, preparing for a segment on jump balls or whatnot, there is no limit to how many different approaches Lin can take to a particular discussion—or how many things he can do.

Thus, if you only take one thing away from this cameo, let it be that Lin has plenty of options should he ever stop dropping those dimes of his on the basketball court.

Whether that's as a sports anchor or astrophysicist remains to be seen.