The Weirdest Moments from Athlete Relatives

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2013

The Weirdest Moments from Athlete Relatives

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    Any of you who have siblings get it.

    The ones with the soccer Mom probably understand it even more.

    Family members can be embarrassing.

    And just because an athlete gains fame and fortune, it doesn't mean that they don't have bloodlines to some people who should probably just keep to themselves.

    But thanks to some of these athlete relatives, we're able to assemble some of the "great" moments that make us feel a little bit better about how dysfunctional our own family really is.

Dad Knows Best?

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    Every parent wants to see their kids succeed, but to what extent is always the fine line.

    For former "prodigy" Todd Marinovich, his Dad Marv pushed his young son so hard, that by the time the younger Marinovich reached the NFL, he had been so burned out on football, he rebelled and burnt himself out—on weed that is.

    Marv even admitted that he used to stretch his son's hammies while still in the crib!

    Dude, that's a little bit insane...he's not going to pull anything while pooping his diapers.

The Great One...?

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    Wayne Gretzky is arguably the greatest hockey player to ever skate, but his wife Janet didn't necessarily make her beau proud when she got caught-up in a gambling controversy involving former Coyotes assistant Rick Tocchet.

    She didn't get busted—though Tocchet received probation—and the two Gretzky's can focus on the over-the-top hotness of their daughter Paulina's social media accounts.

Marcus Jordan Is No Mike

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    It's probably not too easy sharing the same last name as the greatest basketball player ever.

    So when former Central Florida hoopster Marcus Jordan found himself arrested in Omaha, Nebraska of all places, we're sure his Pops wasn't too proud of him.

    While Mike was racking up titles during his playing days, it looks like Marcus will take home the title as "most likely to disappoint Dad."

Greg Jennings' Sister Valyncia

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    By the looks of this picture, you'd assume both Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Greg Jennings seem to be getting along just fine.

    So when Greg's sister went on her twitter account to bash the 2011 NFL MVP for missing her bro on a couple throws (among other things), it was a bit insane.

    The fallout?

    Her account has been deleted and the wideout's trying to believe in his smellf alongside one of the best signal-callers in the game.

The King's Mom

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    No mother likes to see their baby boy get bullied around.

    When LeBron James got a big bear hug from Celts' forward Paul Pierce during a playoff game a couple years back, Bron Bron's Mom, Gloria, let the entire Boston team know she didn't appreciate how they were treating her son.

    James abruptly told her to chill out and sit down, then went on to lead the Cavs to a win, evening the series.

The Harding Family

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    The Olympics usually pins athletes against each other to try and make history for their countries.

    But no one thinks that two teammates will be the ones doing the fighting during prelims.

    Before the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, Tonya Harding told her (now former) husband Jeff Gillooly to hire a goon to take out fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

    The guy decked her with a lead pipe, failing to break her leg, but injuring her well enough to keep her out of the competition.

    Harding's now a professional female boxer, so seeing where she is now in her career, we probably shouldn't be too shocked by this first incident.

Jay McGwire

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    No one likes a rat. But when your own brother does it, it's a little bit more of a low-blow.

    For former "Bash Brother" Mark McGwire, it's bad enough the entire sport of baseball despises and ignores his stats through his career on suspicion of steroids, but it might be worse that his brother Jay ratted him out in a book, saying he knows for a fact that Mark was pricking himself with the juice.

    "I'm not your brah" could be heard from miles away out of Mark's mouth.

Marcus Vick

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    While older brother Michael has accomplished so much during his football career—including leading the Hokies to a national championship game his freshman season, becoming the No. 1 overall draft pick and becoming a Pro Bowl NFL QB—his brother didn't quite live up to the family last name.

    After some bad choices during his playing days at VT, Marcus flamed out in the pros.

    To make it worse, he's been known to go on twitter rampages regarding his brother's (or family's) feelings towards the Eagles organization.

Don't Tase Me Bro(dy) Jenner

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    Bruce Jenner—a former Olympic track star—is still "married" to Queen of the Kardsahian's, Kris, so the elder Jenner has been seen on the show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" for years.

    His son, Brody? Well, his name is about as fitting as possible, because he is a full-fledged bruhah.

    Dude's been arrested four times before, with the most infamous being when he was tased during an altercation with "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis.

    Must suck to be surrounded by a bunch of hot girls and be rich for doing next to nothing.

Favre's Young Sister

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    While people can debate the credentials of Favre as the greatest quarterback in NFL history—which, according to the stats states his case—and have their opinions on some of his off-the-field decisions, there's no doubt his younger sister Brandi was a little bit worse than he seemed to be.

    Following the gunslinger's last year in the NFL, his sister was arrested on possession of ingredients to make methamphetamine.

    Brett might not be a saint, but we'd bet he got the good Christmas presents that year.

Momma Won't Let You Knock Him out

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    When your son's getting pummeled in a corner during a boxing match, why not take matters into your own hands?

    That's what Milna Wilson—mother of boxer Tony Wilson—did during a 1989 bout with Steve McCarthy.

    Interrupting the fight before the ref could award McCarthy with a TKO, the opposing fighter was so fazed as to what happened that he refused to continue boxing, giving the victory to Wilson.

    Guess it's true, Mom really does know best.

Is Slapping a Fault?

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    When someone plays at Wimbledon, it's a pretty big deal.

    So when a player storms off the court after declaring an umpire as, "the most corrupt official," it typically has to be something that really pissed the player off.

    For Jeff Tarango, his ire came after umpire Bruno Rebeuh called a serve out—Tarango thought it was an ace.

    It didn't stop there though.

    While the umpire was making his way to the dressing room, Tarango's wife, Benedicte, slapped him across the face harder than an overheard smash.

    Wonder if it was with a forehand or backhand?

J.R. Smith's Sister

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    Looks like J.R. has a gauze pad beneath his headband there in that pic, right?

    Could be from an elbow during a rebound?

    Might be from banging heads while chasing a loose ball?

    Or, based on her track record, his sister may have hit him across the head.

    That's what happened when the current Knicks guard was playing overseas in China. His sister was upset about a non-call, stormed the court and choked-out a couple ladies.

    If the NBA's looking to score higher ratings, maybe they should consider adding headlocks into its defensive rules?

John Daly's (4th) Wife

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    Daly really used to grip it and rip it back in his heydays, with stories so legendary, we could go on for days about how many times we've heard about him doing something to piss people off.

    So to hear that his fourth wife allegedly attacked the doughy Daly with a steak knife in 2007, and had previously pleaded guilty to a federal charge involving a drug ring and an illegal gambling operation in 2004—forcing her to a five-month prison term—we probably shouldn't be too shocked.

    And people think that fate is not real. These two seemed destined for each other.

Doug Christie's on a Leash

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    Doug Christie may have had some success as a 15-year NBA vet, but no one should have to be under the type of microscope he was by wife Jackie during those 15 seasons.

    How crazy was his significant other?

    Enough that she made him change in a separate area following games because there were other women in the locker room.

    Or worse, when she lashed out at a young fan for asking her hubby for an autograph and a kiss.

    Weird request? Yes. But the reaction by Jackie? Much worse.

    Check this video to get an idea of what it's like to be Mrs. Jackie Christie.