That New Shaquille O'Neal Video Game Nobody Was Waiting for Looks Awesome

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Shaquille O'Neal may not be the biggest star in video game history, but his legacy is about to get a boost with a new handheld game called ShaqDown, for iOS and Android devices. 

Yahoo! Sports reports the latest $0.99 download is a game featuring a virtual big man with a lust for justice and the need to kill mutant zombies. 

Pretty much right up my alley. 

Of course, many will see "video game" sidled up to the name "Shaq" and get a little uneasy. As the report reminds us, the game Shaq Fu wasn't necessarily the greatest of all time. In fact, it's considered one of the worst (fast forward to the 11:14 mark) by some websites. 

The producers behind the new ShaqDown, via a Plugged In report, see it as far more a spiritual successor to Shaq Fu than anything. 

Don't consider this a sequel by any means, because the trailer above should sell you on this being a complete redesign of what the former NBA star can accomplish in the virtual world. 

Long Vo, creative director of the game, pretty much sums up the game by saying, "This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Shaq has become a legend, and it’s up to him to save humanity from mutant zombies."

Vo is spot on with his summation of the game. Apparently, Shaq told producers just to have fun with it. 

From the over-the-top graphics to the shouts of, "free throw," it looks like this game is far more enjoyable than O'Neal's previous forays into the video game world. 

Who wouldn't want to take out the living dead with a Shaq caricature?

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