Dallas Mavericks Get Nintendo Treatment in Hilarious Super Marion Bros.

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 3, 2013

The Dallas Mavericks pretty much have a handle on what NBA fans will enjoy, because this video of Shawn Marion as Nintendo's Mario is pretty much perfect. 

The Mavs forward with a jump shot only a T-Rex would love is featured in the video as the beloved Nintendo protagonist. 

We are guessing it really only took someone to notice the name Marion fit nicely with Super Marion Bros. before they went forth and animated some 8-bit hilarity. 

Miami Heat, you now have a duty to do the same with Mario Chalmers. 

The best part is Marion offering up a "That's whats up!" after smashing blocks. He demolishes the Thunder, Clippers and Lakers with Super swag. 

Sure, the Mavericks are 13-20 and sit near the bottom of their division, but this animated marvel will be more than enough to get through the season. 

The one thing that bothered me is that Marion fails to throw the fire-ball basketballs with his forearms, unlike how he shoots the basketball. 

No matter. I am now hit with the very real need to play this very fake video game. 

The only things that might satiate this need may be an old-school NBA Jam session peppered with some Super Mario Bros. levels. Hell, I may need to pass Super Contra while I am at it. 

It's true—8-bit graphics, making things better since the 80s. 

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