Breaking Down LeBron X Nike Christmas 2012 Shoe

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2012

For "sneakerheads" eagerly anticipating the release of this year's LeBron X Christmas shoe, the holiday season has come early. ESPN's Darren Rovell got a sneak peak of the kicks, which LeBron James will wear on Christmas Day against the Oklahoma City Thunder:

FIRST LOOK: LeBron X Nike Christmas Shoe close-up

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) December 19, 2012

As most know, the 2012 Christmas release simply continues a tradition for the Miami Heat superstar and Nike. This particular pair of kicks will be released on Dec. 26 for the always-low price of $180. 

Regardless of cost, the LeBron X Christmas edition comes with an extreme amount of hype, especially considering that the 10th edition may be the most lauded of the LeBron brand of shoes.

Still, with so many releases coming out over the past few months, Nike is bound to make a design mistake eventually. Is the LeBron X Christmas edition that misstep? Check out our complete breakdown and grades to find out. 


"Wow" Factor: 9/10

It's a Christmas shoe. Were you really expecting anything other than the classic red and green color combination?

As for the merits of the individual kicks, these are obviously eye-popping right off the bat. Instead of your standard red and green colorway, the folks and Nike went with a university red and added some subtle contrast with a tourmaline red.

However, as it's wont to do, the green is what really sticks out as the secondary color. Used to provide a stark contrast in the laces, trademark swoosh and outer sole, the glow-in-the-dark-like green is the first thing you'll notice with these kicks. Considering its bright red base, the LeBron X Christmas edition does a great job of avoiding the pitfalls of all-red-everything kicks.

Red and green in name alone scream "wow." But the fact that Nike went even brighter and louder with the colorway speaks to its commitment to an eye-popping pair of shoes. 


Design: 8.5/10

On a pure design basis alone, it's just about impossible to give any pair of LeBron Xs a failing grade. They could even try something as off-putting as the Jordan IX "Olive" colorway and the design brilliance would still stand out. 

Nevertheless, with a semi-risky take on a tried and true color combination, there's little chance anyone can rip the design of this release. From the way Nike avoided overusing the green contrast to the way the LeBron Xs were already a brilliantly designed pair of kicks, there's no major flaw whatsoever. 

There are some nits to pick, though.

Bright, Christmassy colors aside, this a pretty standard pair of the LeBron X shoes. There's no specificity to denote these as Christmas kicks other than the colorway and name on the outside of the box.

LeBron actually has to wear these, so there obviously can't be a Christmas tree keychain dangling from the laces or anything. However, it would have been nice to see the designers change the logo or something to give this release the true feeling of something special.


Overall: 8.75/10

This release is already guaranteed to fly off shelves.

Pockets full after a day of opening up presents, LeBron fans everywhere will be falling over themselves to buy these kicks from the moment he steps onto the AmericanAirlines Arena floor.

With the release coming a day after Christmas, "sneakerheads" better be committed to standing in long lines if they want to get a pair. Otherwise, it's likely off to find an eBay auction and hope to land the kicks at a semi-reasonable price. 

As for the individual merits of the shoes themselves, we've pretty much covered that. Given a unique design, the LeBron X Christmas edition is a nice spin on an already winning design.

Still, casual fans may have a hard time knowing when to wear these kicks due to colorway-matching problems. However, for collectors and those looking for a new pair of on-court kicks, you could do a whole lot worse than this release.