Dwight Howard Makes Hilarious All-Star Case in 'Save the Centers' Parody

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These poor, poor NBA centers are being horribly mistreated, according to a hilarious parody from Dwight Howard and NOC. 

It's nearly enough to make you forget all the jerk moves the Lakers star pulled over the past couple of years. 

Superman is back to being hilarious in a video that will make you cry, but only from how much you laugh.

It's a take on the Sarah McLachlan PSA's we have all seen, but instead makes a case for these centers who are something of an endangered species at the All Star Game. 

As NBC Sports reminds us, the NBA has ripped the center position off the All-Star ballot, making it harder for big men around the league to steal votes from their shorter colleagues. 

The video is pretty much perfection, from the lyrics in the background, to the images of past centers like Yao Ming and Shawn Bradley, to the actual name of the organization, "The Center Center for Centers," it's pure magic. 

You will feel compelled to reach out and save these centers from the mistreatment by giving to an organization that will transform them into guards. 

Of course, Howard shows us that this isn't the easiest transition, and I am shocked they didn't show him shooting free throws. 

It's awful what they are doing to these big men. Send the video to friends and family and let them know about the atrocity that is occurring right now in the NBA. 

Twitter is the place where it all goes down. 

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