Metta World Peace Drops Unintentional Hip-Hop Hilarity in 'Represented'

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If you don't believe Metta World Peace "Represented," consider the million times he mentions this fact in his new music video. 

I love me some Metta World Peace. He is like JaVale McGee and Amir Johnson rolled up into one unintentional hilarity machine spouting off an unrelenting cavalcade of comedy. 

Here is his latest hip-hop anthem that is sure to convince you that he has done a great job representing his old neighborhood. 

It's the lyrics that really have me thinking this may be one of the classics. 

My brain is the mic.
I be talking to myself because I don't know what I'm saying half of the time.
I just be feeling a certain way, out of my mind.

We know, Metta. We know. 

Then there was this set of lyrics that took my breath away. 

People ask me why I rap. Yo, why you listening to music?
Why you rap, why you don't rap why you ballin you stupid?

Yeah, stupid!

And as an added bonus, stick around after the credits. MWP gives you another taste of that sweet cell phone watch he is selling, something we covered back in November

World Peace continues to outshine all other NBA players in the entertainment department. Pull up a chair and stay for a while. I promise you will never be bored. 

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