Metta World Peace Is Amazed by New and Quite Horrible Cell Phone Watch Gadget

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 27, 2012

Metta World Peace found the perfect device to market. Although, it's pretty much the worst device for sane people to own. 

BuzzFeed spots this wonderful ad of the star Lakers player selling a device that seemed cool decades ago when it was a gadget in spy movies. 

You all remember the watch, right? That was that band that went around your wrist that came with a time-telling device. I am sure I have one lying around the house somewhere. 


The world decided it would be much better off if they just used the handy computer/Internet machine/weather reporter/phone/watch they have in their pocket instead. 

Well, your smart phone may not be all the rage in the World Peace household, because he is all about this $200 watch that is as streamlined as Vince Wilfork in a wetsuit. 

The thing looks huge but manages to be just small enough to make regular activities frustrating. Hooray for that.

I imagine the marketing meeting began and ended with something like, "This product is nuts. Hey, get Metta World Peace on the phone."

And thus was born this commercial with the star playing basketball with his shirt off, but his handy-dandy watch that looks to weigh 18 pounds on his wrist. 

The best part is when he says he can check the weather while playing basketball. Right, that's exactly what we need on the court, a preoccupied World Peace wondering what Thursday's forecast will be. 

Things get MWP nuts on Twitter.