10 Biggest Ball Hogs in the NBA Today

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10 Biggest Ball Hogs in the NBA Today
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We all know the ball hog. He is the one who takes the shot while the entire defense is surrounding him, and every one of his teammates is pouncing around under the rim, begging for the ball. 

He's the guy that only passes the ball approximately 50 hours after eating it.

So who are the worst of them? Is there some objective way of quantifying ball-hoggery?

I determined that there are a few "qualities" that go into being a ball-hog. 

A player has to take a lot of shots, use a lot of possessions and have a tendency to not pass the ball. He must also be a player who is not primarily a low-post player. Their role is different. They aren't primary ball-handlers on their teams. 

To measure this I took the difference between every players usage percentage (the number of possessions that end with a player turning the ball over or shooting) and his assist percentage (the percent of shots made by his teammates while he is on the court). This gives us a rough idea of who shoots a lot but passes very little.

The resulting stat I call "Hog Factor."  

The following results are entirely objective. Some of these players may have their "hoggery" justified to a degree because of the team or units (if they are a sixth man) that they play with. Some actually make their teams better with their hogging.

Others are unmitigated disasters. 

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