10 NBA Superstars Who Need Their Own Beat Reporter

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10 NBA Superstars Who Need Their Own Beat Reporter
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It seems to be a bit overboard for anybody who isn't leading a country or is in the news more often than not, but apparently, Deron Williams has his own beat reporter. There's a man, Devon Jeffreys to be precise, who is credentialed at Nets home games with the purpose of creating content specifically for Deronwilliams.com.

As far as we can tell, Williams is the only player in the NBA, and the only one in NBA history, to have his own beat reporter.

Now, it's fine that Williams has a guy whose job is solely to write about Deron Williams and the Nets for Williams' own website; however, doesn't it seem strange that he's the only one to do this so far?

OK, so maybe it's not something you would have thought of off the top of your head, but after hearing that Williams, a relatively low-key player as far as superstars go, is the only superstar in the league with a guy who only writes about him.

The only problem I have with this is that it seems like Williams' own beat writer would be compelled to write relatively good things about the star point guard. Instead, I want a beat writer specifically following one guy around who isn't afraid to dig up some dirt.

That's why I want to find some guys around the league who need a beat reporter for more than just writing about the sunshine in a player's life. There are quite a few players out there who are so intriguing that it would be easy to read a beat about them a few days a week, so let's take a look at who would make the best beat.

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