NBA Trade Rumors: Latest Reports on Pau Gasol, Anderson Varejao and More

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistDecember 5, 2012

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In the NBA, the rumor mill never stops working. There are always different deals being touted and, while most of them never come to fruition, it helps keeps things interesting since a deal could always be right around the corner.

So it's no surprise there are several big names being talked about right now. It doesn't sound like any deals are in their final stages, but things have already begun to heat up compared to when the season started. That trend will continue moving forward.

Knowing that, let's break down three players that have been linked with possible moves and examine each of their situations based on the latest updates.


Pau Gasol

Gasol has dominated the trade talk early in the season. A week doesn't go by without a new report about deals that could end his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. It's been that way since last season, and yet he remains with the team.

Still, Jabari Davis of reports the Lakers are tracking Ryan Anderson as a possible centerpiece for a Gasol deal. The New Orleans Hornets wouldn't be able to deal him for a few more weeks, but he's apparently Los Angeles' top target.

Anderson is averaging 18 points and eight rebounds while knocking down more than 40 percent of his outside shots for the Hornets. He would be a good fit for the Lakers to help stretch the defense, but it's hard to image New Orleans letting him go.


Anderson Varejao

The Cleveland Cavaliers have given Varejao time to develop and it's starting to pay off. The veteran forward is averaging 15 points, 10 rebounds and three assists, all of which mark career highs. Other teams have certainly taken notice.

Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico reports the problem in a potential deal is finding the right match. He reports not enough contenders have the type of assets Cleveland would want in a deal. The Oklahoma City Thunder do, but Amico says they aren't interested right now.

It appears the trade market for Varejao will need time to develop. His strong play will surely attract more suitors as the trade deadline approaches and playoff positions become more clear. Teams aren't ready to take any major chances yet.


Carlos Boozer

In a lot of ways, Boozer is in a similar situation to Gasol. He can't seem to avoid the trade spotlight for any extended period of time. Any time things start to settle down, his name will get brought back up and start the whole process again.

Sam Smith of states the endless rumors surrounding Boozer should stop. He reports the options when it comes to a trade involving the big man are extremely limited and would result in a downgrade for Chicago.

It makes sense. Given Boozer's sizable contract and drop in productivity, he just doesn't present enough value to other teams for the Bulls to get fair market value in a deal. The team is best off keeping him and hoping he can return to form.