Derrick Rose Injury: Updates on Bulls Star's Recovery from ACL Surgery

Ben Chodos@bchodosCorrespondent IIDecember 4, 2012

Derrick Rose continues to make progress in his recovery from knee surgery, but has yet to make his return to game action.


UPDATE: Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 11:21 p.m. ET

Kevin Durant supplied an update to ESPN Chicago after the Thunder star worked out with the Bulls point guard this offseason:

Durant, who was an offseason workout partner with Rose, said the Chicago Bulls star "looks better" with the start of training camp days away.

"He's been looking great," Durant told Comcast SportsNet Chicago on Tuesday. "It was really good for him that he took the whole year off.

"A lot of people criticized him for it and really were upset about him not playing, but it was the best thing for him. I can tell because he looks better."

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UPDATE: Friday, July 19, at 5:45 p.m. ET by Ian Hanford

ESPN's Nick Friedell has the latest on Rose:

Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau expects Derrick Rose to play the usual eight-minute shifts with the rest of the starters once the preseason begins, and then see how his superstar feels from there.

"We'll see once we get to training camp, and we're going to have an opportunity to get some work done in the fall, but we have to keep in mind he's been out an extended amount of time," Thibodeau told during the Vegas Summer League Thursday night. "So the preseason -- and we look at training camp as the entire month, not just a week -- we'll move him along accordingly.

"He'll play like he normally would in the preseason. Usually we start off with eight-minute segments for the starters, first and third period, and we'll build from there. We'll see what he can handle. I think there's going to be some rust initially, but I fully expect him to get back to (being) the player we all know that he is."

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UPDATE: Wednesday, July 3, at 2:22 p.m. ET by Eric Ball

Rose recently gave an interview with to update the fans on his rehab. Here is an excerpt from the interview (full interview can be found here):

"It was hard. One of the hardest things I've had to go through in my life. After surgery, when you start running ... when you have an injury like this, there is stages you have to go through, I'm still going through my stages. I'm not done yet, but this is the most I've ever worked on my craft and the most focused I've ever been in my NBA career.

I'm not a selfish guy at all, but having this injury and going through what I had to go through and being smart, it's something that I had to be selfish with. I couldn't worry about anyone else but myself and my health."

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UPDATE: Wednesday, May 8, at 11:17 a.m. ET by Brandon Galvin

Derrick Rose (knee) will not return to the Bulls tonight for Game 3 against the Heat, according to ESPN's Nick Friedell.

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UPDATE: Monday, May 6, at 11:15 a.m ET by Michael Cahill

Despite reports from Yahoo! Sports that Rose will not return this postseason, there are still questions about his availability for the second round series against Miami that begins on Monday. 

Nick Friedell of ESPNChicago updated Rose's status for tonight and the series via his Twitter feed. 



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UPDATE: Sunday, May 5, at 10 a.m. ET by Brandon Galvin

Derrick Rose reportedly will not return this postseason, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

His choice has been made to sit out the season and it includes no provisions for turning back, sources with direct knowledge told Yahoo! Sports.

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UPDATE: Saturday, May 4th at 11:30 a.m. ET by Sam Westmoreland

Rose's comeback from knee problems hasn't started yet, and according to CNN's Rachel Nichols, it won't begin in Game 7 of the Bulls' series with the Nets. However, he told Nichols that he wouldn't rule out a return later in the playoffs. 

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UPDATE: Thursday, May 2nd, at 2:40 p.m. ET by Kyle Vassalo

According to ESPN's Nick Friedell, Derrick Rose's comeback is still being put on hold:

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UPDATE: Monday, Apr. 22, at 12:40 a.m. ET by Brandon Galvin

Derrick Rose will not return to action tonight when the Bulls look to even the series with the Brooklyn Nets, according to New York Daily News' Mitchell Abramson

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UPDATE: Sunday, Apr. 7, at 12:30 p.m. ET by Brandon Galvin

Derrick Rose (knee) has spoken out on how a potential minute-limit has impacted his return, according to Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson.

Rose first scrimmaged on Feb. 18 and has said whether he returns is as much a mental hurdle as a physical one at this point. Playing on a minutes limit wouldn’t bother him.

'I wouldn’t mind at all,' he said. 'Of course I want to play more. But it’s not that big. I’m going to play whenever I’m ready. I don’t care if it’s 15 or 40 (minutes). I just love the game too much. Like I said, I’m just waiting and praying about it. And hopefully I’ll be out there soon.'


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UPDATE: Thursday, Apr. 4, at 9:50 a.m. ET by Brandon Galvin

Disappointing news for Bulls fans as Derrick Rose (knee) still does not have a return date in sight, according to Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson via Miami Herald.

The Bulls' goal is to get Joakim Noah, Marco Belinelli and Gibson back into game conditioning and rhythm down the regular-season stretch. Richard Hamilton and Derrick Rose remain out indefinitely.

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UPDATE: Wednesday, Mar. 27, at 2:50 p.m. ET by Alex Kay

Derrick Rose will not make his triumphant return to the Chicago Bulls lineup on Wednesday night against the Miami Heat.

According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, the superstar point guard will remain sidelined while his teammates attempt to foil Miami's 27-game winning streak at the United Center. Tip-off is at 8 p.m. ET.

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UPDATE: Sunday, Mar. 10, at 9:19 p.m. ET by Joseph Zucker

Derrick Rose is of course medically clear to to play. Until the point guard feels like he's fully ready to play, he'll remain off the court. Rose's hamstrings are the biggest problem he's facing at this point. As Nick Friedell of writes:

ESPN's Doris Burke spoke with the former MVP before Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers and reported that although Rose has been taking full contact in practice for well over a month, his hamstrings are "on fire" after those workouts. Rose added that he won't return to the court until he's past those issues.

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UPDATE: Tuesday, Mar. 5, at 7:30 p.m. ET by Ben Chodos

There is still no set date for Derrick Rose's return to the quarter, but the latest quote from Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau suggests the team may be close to getting its star point guard back. ESPN Chicago's Nick Friedell quotes Thibodeau saying:

It's day-to-day. Day-to-day. So whenever he's ready, he's ready. We just want him to continue to improve, focus on his rehab, and then when he's ready to go we'll all know. Everyone has to remain patient.

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UPDATE: Monday, Feb. 18, at 11:40 p.m. ET by Mike Hoag

Tom Thibodeau, Chicago's coach said Rose did "what everyone else did" during practice on Feb. 18, according to Chicago Tribune's Vaughn McClure.

"He's doing what he should be doing,'' Thibodeau said. "He's focused on his rehab, doing more and more. We just have to be patient. When he's ready, he'll go.''

Joakim Noah said Rose ran full court during five-on-five scrimmages, but did not dunk. Remember, dunking was a benchmark Rose set in order to gauge on if he was ready to return.

"Being able to dunk," he said. "I can't dunk, man. I know if I can dunk off stride, I know I'll be out there playing, but I can't," Rose said.

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UPDATE: Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 2:25 p.m. ET

Derrick Rose is nearly ready to return to the NBA after his long, arduous recovery from a torn ACL.

According to Nick Friedell of, Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau noted that the superstar is now participating in "full contact" practices. Apparently, all Rose needs is more time to get acclimated to in-game situations before making his season debut.

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UPDATE: Friday, January 11, at 10:00 a.m ET

If Bulls fans were looking for an indication that Derrick Rose is getting his legs back, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Rose has begun dunking in practice. 

While Bulls fans should be encouraged by the progress, it's still not the full contact practice Rose needs to go through before he can return to action. 

The practice rules for Derrick Rose are simple these days: If the all-everything point guard wants to drive to the hoop, move out of the way. If he wants to dunk, let him dunk.

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UPDATE: Sunday, December 30 at 8:10 a.m. ET

Great news for Bulls fans and fantasy owners as Derrick Rose has reportedly been practicing with the team, according to's Aggrey Sam. has learned that over the last two days, minus the contact portions, the former league MVP has been a full participant in the team’s practices at the Berto Center...

...While there is no set timetable for Rose to resume playing, according to multiple sources, the 24-year-old point guard will be back on the court sometime after the NBA All-Star break...

...As far as what Rose has been doing in practice, it’s much of the same as what has been previously — walking through “dummy” offensive sets, shooting drills — but according to a person familiar with the proceedings, he’s also dunking the basketball occasionally, going full speed when it’s called for and participating in staples of Bulls practices, such as defensive slides and closeout drills.

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UPDATE: Thursday, December 20 at 1:15 p.m. ET

Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau provided the latest update on Derrick Rose's recovery, according to's Staff.

Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said Thursday that Derrick Rose is 'doing great' in his rehab from ACL surgery, and he's hoping Rose will return in the second half of the season...

...'He's right on schedule,' Thibodeau said on 'Mike & Mike In The Morning' on ESPN Radio. 'He's not ahead of schedule. He's not behind. We have to be patient. It's the type of injury that you have to take your time with, and when he's ready to come back, he'll be ready to come back. There is no time scheduled for it.'

Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf has said he won't allow Rose to return until he's 100 percent.

'He's doing a lot, but he hasn't done anything with contact,' Thibodeau said. 'So we're going to go step by step. First he has to get into practice and he has to practice well for a while. And then we'll move on from there.'

'Hopefully at some point during the second half of the season he'll rejoin us.'

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UPDATE: Sunday, December 16 at 3:57 p.m. ET

Some discouraging news for Bulls fans as head coach Tom Thibodeau says that Derrick Rose isn't close to returning to regular practice, according to ESPN's Nick Friedell.

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The Chicago Sun Times’ Joe Cowley reported, “According to an NBA source… the all-everything point guard could be just weeks away from practicing with the Bulls again after surgery on his left anterior cruciate ligament last May.”

Cowley notes that Rose was previously expected back in February, but points out that Rose and the Bulls never expressly laid out as timetable. He quotes general manager Gar Forman saying, “We’re still taking the process step by step, and a date hasn’t been set.’’

Rose’s importance to the team cannot be overstated. 

Under Tom Thibodeau, the 24-year-old has turned into one of the NBA’s most dominant players. He averaged 25.0 points and 7.7. assists per game and won the MVP award during Thibodeau’s first season in Chicago, in addition to leading the Bulls to the best regular season record in the league. 

Chicago lost in the Eastern Conference finals that season, but this past year, Rose once again led the Bulls on an enormously successful campaign. The team tied with the San Antonio Spurs for the best record league and captured the East’s top playoff seed while he averaged 21.8 points and 7.9 assists. 

But in the first game of the opening series against the Philadelphia 76ers, Rose suffered the injury from which he is still recovering. The Bulls went on to lose to Philadelphia in six games.

Without their star point guard, Chicago has looked ordinary this season. The team is still playing defense at a high level and ranks second in defensive efficiency.

On the other end of the floor, the Bulls have struggled and rank 22nd in points scored per game. They are currently 8-7.

But every team in the Central Division is struggling, and it is still very early in the year. If Rose comes back sooner than expected, Chicago will be in excellent position to set itself up for a deep playoff run.