LeBron James Is Not All Loving, Leaves Enthusiastic Bro Hanging on National TV

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With a grin and an outstretched hand waiting to be grabbed by his hero, a lonely bro stood before the world shunned. 

The horror. 

The worst thing in the world for any man is being left high and dry with an open palm waiting to be slapped or a closed fist waiting to get smashed with a buddy's. 

OK, Breaking Dawn may be the worst thing in the world, but this comes in a close second. 

The humiliation is severe, and that's just when it's you and you alone who suffers the awful sight of your best bud turning away, leaving you hanging. 

This guy goes from grinning to shamed in seconds, and every last beautiful moment is captured for the sports world to spoon into their gaping mouths like a delicious dessert. 

As Bleacher Report spotted, the man LeBron James gives daps to is Broncos running back and inconsistent fantasy bane of my existence, Willis McGahee. 

As for the man who looks like he is about to sit on Santa's lap, it's just some rich guy with floor seats. At least, that's what I presume. 

The TNT crew immediately jumps all over this beautiful chance to mock some bro who is somewhere in the Denver area still waiting for his daps

Someone shake his hand, because you will be doing us all a favor.

Hit me up on Twitter and we can gab like little school girls. 

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