Clippers' Center DeAndre Jordan Pretends to Fart on People for Our Amusement

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 15, 2012

If you happen to be around DeAndre Jordan and hear something rather startling, don't worry. It may be just the big man pulling a prank. 

Thanks to sports comedy outfit NOC (h/t Deadspin), we now have an answer to how people would react if they believed DeAndre Jordan was going around letting loose.

The hilarity begins immediately with a lady asking if Jordan is okay. It's an LOL moment when you realize this lady is so put off that she becomes concerned. 

At the :35 second mark, the Clippers center proclaims that it's not him, because it never is. You are hearing things, sir. 

Through it all, he uses everything from the Lakers to chili dogs for reasons his stomach is exploding, sending a ton of people walking away disgusted. 

At the 1:30 mark, he finally finds a lovely friend who is willing to chat far longer than any other bystander.

She chit-chats Jordan about how his farts remind her of Pumbaa from The Lion King, sticking around long after he cuts a beauty right on cue. 

Right after, he bothers this nice lady who is really just trying to read a book on what is an otherwise pleasant day. Then comes this huge guy releasing his brand of terror everywhere. 

Her reaction is priceless and brings me to the conclusion that people are a lot nicer than you would think. People either get up and leave or have a conversation with a flatulent time bomb. 

Faith in humanity is restored thanks to the master strokes of DeAndre Jordan. 

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