Lakers' Metta World Peace Brings the Funny in 'Metta World Therapy'

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This is pretty much how we imagined a therapy session with Metta World Peace going anyway. 

The wonderful sports think tank of comedy that is NOC featured Metta World Peace in a comedy series we have high hopes for.

The series is called Metta World Therapy, a skit that has the enigmatic Lakers star sitting down to get some sage advice from the youngest psychiatric therapists we have ever seen. 

As the YouTube description states, we can hope for more in the coming weeks. 

...Enter The NOC, and our expert team of proven psychiatric professionals. Oh, did we mention they're all under ten years old?

Tune in each week to watch Metta World Peace tackling a new topic with his team of kid therapists. BIG issues, LITTLE help.

The video starts off with a rather grim bumper, making us think we are about to shed some tears alongside the troubled basketball player. And then, Bam


Adorable skit? Yes. But I did have a pretty great LOL moment at the :57 second mark. That's when MWP establishes he is afraid of heights, only to have a little girl asks him, "Is that why you shoot three-pointers sometimes instead of dunking?"

Oh, we hope future episodes delve into his unique sneakers, tight shorts that seemed ripped from the 80s and his need to dribble and look at the ball. 

There are a ton of questions World Peace must answer, and we can't wait to find out the answers. 

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