Lakers' Metta World Peace Goes into Stands to Lay a Kiss on Fan's Hand

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World Peace broke out once again. 

The NBA preseason was Metta World Peace's place to shine, as he went into the stands after making a tremendous stuff all to give a female a small smooch on her hand. 

Yes, the Lakers had yet another Metta World Moment. 

Mark Medina of the L.A. Times, who was once used as a flopping dummy, reported (h/t Yahoo! Sports) on the magical moment MWP became a basketball Don Juan. 

It all started with Utah's Gordan Hayward driving to the basket and making the awful mistake of showing the entirety of the basketball on his way up. 

World Peace gets his mitts on the ball and makes an epic stuff on the Jazz player. Really, the video is entertaining to that point, but it gets added enjoyment as the Lakers comedian heads into the expensive seats. 

We let him explain the moment and answer whether he got those digits, thanks to L.A. Times.

"I just saw in her eyes that she liked the hustle. I saw it in her eyes. We made eye contact...No number needed. She's a fan and is a real nice lady."

Poor World Peace. He didn't get the Digimons, but did manage to get the crowd going with another moment of insanity from the class clown. 

Never take your eyes off this man. You never know when he will drop awful elbows or kind smooches for the fans. 

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