Lakers' Comedian Metta World Peace Demonstrates a Flop on LA Times Reporter

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Metta World Peace finds the lighter side of flopping. 

For LA Times reporter Mark Medina, flopping became a personal matter during an average presser with Metta World Peace. 

Well, average for Metta

The world is abuzz over the new rules the NBA has put in place against flopping. I still say floppers should be put in timeout and sent to their room without dinner—only way they will learn. 

The conversation happens upon Derek Fisher, the greatest taker of charges in all of basketballdom, or the most egregious flopper. It really depends on where your loyalties lie. 

At some point, World Peace is asked to demonstrate what makes a charge and what makes a flop. That's when he asks for a volunteer from the audience. 

Mark Medina is asked to take something that James Harden must still cringe at the thought of—a Metta World Peace elbow. 

Amazingly, and unlike Manu Ginobili, Medina stays upright. We have been so trained to see grown men crumble to the ground after a shove like MWP gives that we are greeted by surprise and shock that Medina is just fine. 

Metta World Peace should really have his own show on NBA TV, explaining the latest in basketball controversies. 

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