NBA 2K13: What Diehard NBA Fans Will Love Most About 2K Sports' Latest Gem

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2012


From the powder toss to the flawless soundtrack, NBA 2K13 is everything NBA diehards could ever ask a video game to be. 

This year, 2K Sports has made even more additions to its beloved basketball simulator and turned it into the most realistic NBA experience to date. The player faces are improved and the addition of the control stick makes for smoother gameplay.

It doesn't end there, though.

Let's take a look at what diehard NBA fans will love most about NBA 2K13.


Enhanced Presentation

From the second you jump into a head-to-head battle with your buddy, you'll notice all the unique detail additions that make this year's edition of NBA 2K13 so fun to play. From the introductions of the starting five for each team to the pregame rituals, diehard NBA fans will enjoy the extra effort 2K put into the presentation this year.

Not only does the crowd feel much more lively, but the players and coaches look more realistic. Alvin Gentry no longer looks like a decaying pumpkin and that's a step in the right direction. 

If you're like me and are addicted to every little presentation detail, this year's game is for you. In between quarters you'll get upcoming game previews and of course a concise, but informative halftime show. My personal favorite, though: The pregame and postgame video highlights accompanied by the game's awesome soundtrack.


MyPlayer Additions

With Jay-Z serving as one of this year's producers of NBA 2K13, some excellent additions have been made to MyPlayer mode. Although some of the cut scenes can be a little awkward at times, they certainly add to the depth of the game mode and make for a more realistic gaming experience. 

I love that you can choose your player's pregame and postgame attire as well as sign endorsement deals once you become a star. There's a lot more to accomplish in this year's game than in previous versions. It's not just about dominating on the court anymore, but off it as well.

If you're an NBA diehard then you will love the predraft interviews and postgame press conferences, which make the process of getting into the NBA seem that much closer to real life.


Dream Team

Call it a minor addition if you will, but NBA 2K13 features the return of the Dream Team. Shortly after purchasing the game, I had to see what the 1992 squad was all about and took on this past summer's gold medal-winning USA team.

It was a blast playing as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley. All the players have their signature shots and dunks, which made it feel like I was watching an NBA classic broadcast on NBA TV. 

Of course, this is a feature better appreciated by NBA diehards. If you truly love the NBA and appreciate the Association's rich history, you'll have a ball running the floor with Magic, hitting buzzer-beaters with Jordan and dropping threes with Larry Bird. 


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